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Europe Vocabulary Quiz
drainage basin
a landlocked
a tributary
a peninsula
a strait
_________________________________ The Arkansas River flows into the Mississippi River.
That means it is --?-- to the Mississippi River.
_________________________________ A --?-- is usually a good place to grow crops,
because the low land around the river gets
nutrients when the river floods.
________________________________ All of the rain and snow that falls in the central
United States collects in rivers and streams and
flows into the Mississippi River. This is because the
central states are part of the Mississippi River’s --?--.
________________________________ For thousands of years, humans have lived near
rivers because they needed the fresh water, the rivers
were used for transportation, and the land was good
for farming. But floods were a problem, so people
learned to build walls called --?-- to control the water.
________________________________ Florida is a good example of --?-- because it
has water on three sides.
________________________________ There is a thin strip of water between Russia and
Alaska. This strip of water, called --?--, connects the
Arctic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.
________________________________ Swamps are one type of --?--.
________________________________ The continent west of the Ural Mountains is --?--.
________________________________ Slovakia does not border the sea. Therefore
Slovakia is --?-- country.
________________________________ In areas where there is not enough rain, farmers
have to --?-- their crops.
Part 2 is on the back.
birth rate
free trade
romance language
hydroelectric power
industrial corridor
an export
an import
________________________________ Countries that join the European Union must
agree to get rid of all --?-- on imports from other
EU countries.
________________________________ When a US company sends a shipment of blue
jeans to Russia, we are sending --?--.
________________________________ When a company in Japan sends a shipment of
cars to the U.S., we are receiving --?--.
________________________________ The United Kingdom and Denmark are the
only countries in the EU that do not use
the euro as their form of --?--.
________________________________ The European Union is an area of --?-- because none
of the member countries charge fees on imports
or exports between other EU member countries.
________________________________ A country with a very high --?-- will face many
problems from having so many babies born each
________________________________ Electricity can be made by building a dam across a
river using it to make --?--.
________________________________ The ancient Romans conquered many different
lands. The built a huge --?-- and ruled them for
about 500 years.
________________________________ French is a --?-- because it is based on the old Latin
language from ancient Rome.
________________________________ A large --?-- of factories and industry has grown up
along the Rhine and Danube Rivers.