August 2014 Board Minutes

Lumen Christi Athletic Board Meeting
Date: Wednesday, August 6, 2014- Minutes
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: LCM St Luke’s room
Present- Fyfe, Hauke, Hilbert, Morris
Absent- Kennedy, Blaubach, Holton, Hartlieb
Meeting Agenda:
1. Lisa Bales about building issues
-Sept 25th, gym use conflict. Crivello to contact Volleyball coaches to adjust.
-Attempt to schedule meeting more in advance
-Lights in Mequon are 90% finished, lights will last 3 years. 6-8 weeks to get
moving on Thiensville, those will last 10yrs.
-New cleaning custodian Monday- Friday 10-2.
2. Athletics’ League Status
a. Recourse?
-According to Brenda White of the Archdiocese: the integrity of the school
leagues has been a 2 year process. The board that made the decision was made
up of directors and it was a unanimous decision for the move. All schools were
informed that they must return to their school’s geo-restricted leagues. The
move was to avoid league shopping and maintain uniformity. Lumen Christi will
play in the North Shore League.
-Positives that came out of the decision- 4 tournaments per year and
reestablishing inter-league games 2 to 4 per year.
-Discussion was to host an invitation only tournament for boys and girls. Crivello
to contact and work with Elizabeth Sutton.
3. 2014-15 changes for coaches
-Slips for 2014-15 sign-up slips have indicated that coaches must submit a short
-Basketball coaches: 2 year rotation 7th to 8th, then return to 7th grade. Last
year’s 7th grade coaches for boys and girls will coach the 2014-15 teams.
4. Website improvements and Athletics at Orientation Day
-Improvements for site: links for all sports to a Google page for each with photos,
schedules, access for coaches to upload photos, etc. Put handbook on site.
Practice and game schedules on school’s google schedule.
-Have forms for Orientation day
5. Volleyball Coaches- Crivello to hold coach’s meeting
5th- Abramavicius
6th- O’Byrne, Rowe
7th- Nass
8th- Hrdi, Szyszpak, Crivello
6. Interest in coaching from parish members and teachers
a. Garrett Fitzgerald and Waech (new Social Studies teacher)
-Waech to coach girls 7th grade
-Fitzgerald to be contacted by Hilbert about assistant coaching, possibly a “B”
team and/or board position
7. Replacements for open positions on the board
-Still looking. Possibly Fitzgerald
8. 2014-15 budget
-Still in good shape after purchase of new uniforms. Golf outing in September.
9. New basketball uniforms
-Morris to make contact to donate uniforms
10. Open Table
-Hilbert had contact with the Milwaukee Bucks. The Junior Bucks program: game
ticket, chance to go on court, meet and greet, play at Cousin’s Center if available.
Information sheet to go out at beginning of year. Need a minimum of 50
- Gym Manager position. Needs to be filled. Possibly advertise the spot if a
parish/ school parent does not inquire about the position.
11. Set next meeting date- September 30, 2014 at 5:00 PM
12. Adjourn