Annual Checklist (doc) - Food Science and Human Nutrition

Annual Food Science and Human Nutrition Department Safety Checklist
FSHN Safety Forms & Policies website (
Room No. & Building
Checklist completed by:
____The Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM) has been reviewed with all laboratory personnel. This is documented annually in
the lab safety binder. A link to the LSM is located on the lab computer. The LSM can be viewed at
( )
____Every person working in the laboratory has completed a safety check-in form and a copy has been placed in the lab
safety binder. Safety check-out forms are completed for appropriate laboratory personnel & copies are located in the lab
safety binder. (
____Lab-Site Specific Safety Training is performed every year with all lab personnel and has been documented in the lab
safety binder. The template only for the Lab-Specific Safety Training Form is on file in the FSHN office, 2312 FSB. Only new
or updated templates must be sent to Jeanne Stewart. An example of a FSHN form is located at
( or EHS example -Site Specific
Safety Training EHS
____Hazard Inventory Forms ( have been filled out for each new lab
member (or updated for new methods that each lab member is using) and have been sent to EH&S.
____Each lab member has performed a “Needs Assessment” of safety training courses as recommended by EH&S. [Login to
the EH&S Learning Center ( and go to “My Training Needs” under Topics; then
answer the questions and complete the required courses.] The required safety training has been completed for all laboratory
personnel, reviewed with the PI and documented in the Lab Safety Training History form
( and individual training course certificates are placed in the lab safety binder.
____The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) forms (for template and example SOPs from EH&S go to: ) for each similar group of methods performed in the lab have been completed
and are placed in the lab safety binder. Reminder: laboratories using gas cylinders need to have SOP for handling gas
cylinders (available at FSHN Safety Forms & Policies website).
____The annual chemical inventory update ( has been completed
and uploaded to the EH&S Chemical Inventory database and emailed to Jeanne Stewart. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are
available and up-to-date for all chemicals in individual lab groups. (
____Yearly lab safety survey inspections and Radiation Safety Lab Audit have been performed and completed forms are
placed in the LSM or lab safety binder. The link to EH&S’s yearly General Lab Safety Survey sheet, X-ray and Biosafety Level
(BSL)1, BSL2, and Radioactive Materials and BSL1 or Radiation Safety Lab Audit form
( ) depending upon your lab needs.
____Alarms for Ultralow -80°C freezers are tested (and results recorded) every 6 months and batteries (for models with
battery back-up) have been replaced as needed.
____Eyewash stations are being tested on a monthly basis by lab personnel. A record of testing is located near each station
that is tested. Records should include date of testing and the tester’s initial.
____Laboratory Emergency Action Plan has been completed & is posted in the lab by the exit door. A template for this form is
found at
We encourage the faculty to be diligent about safety in their labs throughout the entire year.
The above work must be completed by Jan 31 and the completed checklist, chemical inventory and LaboratorySpecific Safety Training Outline that you use for your lab should be emailed to Jeanne Stewart ([email protected]) .
Updated 7/30/15
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