End of unit assessment

1. The table below shows characteristics of a mineral sample.
Which mineral do these characteristics most likely describe?
a. graphite
b. magnetite
c. mica
d. quartz
2. The table shows four minerals and their uses.
Which mineral would most likely be harder than the other minerals?
a. galena
b. halitite
c. gypsum
d. garnet
3. A student found that three minerals, talc, sulfur, and gypsum, could be scratched with a
fingernail, but quartz could not. What property of quartz is different from the other
three minerals?
a. luster
b. hardness
c. streak
d. texture
4. A Mohs Hardness Scale for minerals is shown.
Window glass has a hardness of about 5.5. Which would be scratched by a window glass?
a. Calcite
b. Quartz
c. Topaz
d. Diamond
5. Minerals can be sorted by looking at the mark left when they are rubbed on a plate.
What is this property called?
a. luster
b. hardness
c. magnetism
d. streak color
6. Which would best help you confirm that all the rocks in a box are the same mineral?
a. observing the color of the rocks
b. measuring the height of each rock
c. scratching the rocks on a streak plate
d. holding each rock up to a light source
7. If a rock is like a cake, what are minerals like?
a. a pan
b. an oven
c. the icing
d. the ingredients
8. Rocks are usually divided into three types: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.
Which property is used to divide rocks into these types?
a. how hard they are
b. where they are found
c. how they were formed
d. what color they appear to be
9. Three samples of volcanic rock are shown.
Which property would best be used to sort volcanic rock to identify different types?
a. weight
b. shape
c. size
d. texture
10. Granite is a common type of rock that is very hard and withstands wind and rain. In
what products would granite most likely be found?
a. buildings
b. jewelry
c. pencils
d. tools
11. Which material is used in jewelry because it is rare, lustrous, and soft enough to be bent
into many shapes?
a. diamond
b. gold
c. steel
d. talc
12. The table shows properties of four different minerals.
Which of these minerals would most likely be used to make jewelry?
a. topaz
b. calcite
c. gypsum
d. graphite
1. C
2. D
3. B
4. A
5. D
6. C
7. D
8. C
9. D
10. A
11. B
12. A