Coldway Smart Containers

Coldway Smart Containers for Thermo-sensitive Products at the Arab health exhibition Dubai 2011
24-27 January
DWTC - Stand ZT50
A major innovation in refrigeration… Fully integrated into isothermal containers, the thermo-chemical
system patented by COLDWAY produces cold through a chemical reaction requiring no power
connections. COLDWAY provides Health professionals with an alternative solution to meet their growing
need for mobility, quality and reliability. The company will be presenting its active and passive transport
solutions at the Arab Health tradeshow in Dubai from January 24 th to 27th, 2011.
Cold is generated by the evaporation of liquid ammonia into a gas that goes on to react with salts. Once the stock
of ammonia is depleted, a heat resistance will regenerate the system by plugging the container into a 230 V/5060Hz power supply for 5 to 8 hours depending on the volume.
ALCATHERM containers provide autonomous refrigeration without connection nor link to the vehicle carrying
More economical than refrigerated vehicles (no fuel overconsumption), they were especially developed to meet
the most demanding physical and logistical constraints of the cold chain while preserving the environment:
 Temperature regulation under the most extreme conditions (heat waves, severe winters,
 Silent and ventilated cold production even when the vehicle stops, allowing to compensate
the door openings during multi-stops deliveries,
 Reliable, sturdy system requiring few maintenance
The active, ventilated cold system provides a temperature range from 2°C to 12°C, which can be extended on
option to a range of -20°C to 37°C. This patented refrigeration provided by the ALCATHERM 7- to 1,000-litre
range is silent, reliable, and requires few maintenance.
COLDWAY’s ALCATHERM range contains an integrated traceability system monitoring the inside
temperature and door openings, which can be operated on PC.
COLDWAY meets environmental concerns, using no fluids prohibited by international agreements.
For further information:
Mrs Magali FERRER, Sales Manager
Lieu-dit Patau – route de Rivesaltes
66380 PIA - France
Tel.: + 33 (0)4 68 64 73 41
[email protected]
Strengthened by 8 years of experience in temperature-controlled transport solutions, COLDWAY, as a cold
chain specialist, is now a major player on the Health market. In France COLDWAY is working with numerous
hospitals, analysis laboratories, blood institutions, homecare associations, as well as with the main transport
companies and bulk distributors of the Health market. Thanks to its innovative products, the company is
developing its export strategy in order to become a world leader in temperature-controlled transport solutions
and is currently seeking distributors in the Middle East zone.
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