K-12-ELL Initial & Annual parent notif.letter 4-14

Salem Public Schools
Initial and Annual Parent Notification of English Language Learning Program Placement - K-12
Date _________________
Dear Parent or Guardian:
In accordance with state and federal laws, school districts in Massachusetts are required to assess the English language
proficiency of all students whose home language is other than English. Students who are classified as English Language
Learners are annually assessed using a standardized English language assessment. Students are tested in reading,
writing, speaking, and listening. Your child has been tested in these areas.
This letter explains whether your child is eligible for an English Language Learner (ELL) program. If so, it also explains the
program your child will receive. The purpose of the ELL program is to help ensure that English Language Learners master
English and meet the same challenging state and academic achievement standards that all children are expected to
meet. If your child has a disability and is eligible for Special Education Services, ELL programs and services shall be
provided in conjunction with the Individualized Education Program (IEP).
ELL Program Placement
The following are the results of this English language assessment:
Student Information
First Name_______________________ Middle Name __________________ Last Name _________________________
Current School Name ___________________________
Student has a documented:
______ IEP
Assessment Tool
Start Date in ELL Program _____________
______ 504 Plan
Continuing ELL Students and/or Transfer Students
Date of Assessment
Date of Assessment
Speaking (ACCESS for ELLs test)
Listening (ACCESS for ELLs test)
Reading (ACCESS for ELLs test)
Writing (ACCESS for ELLs test)
Overall Score/Proficiency Level: (i.e. 2.4, 3.8)
MCAS (if applicable)
Initial and Annual Parent Notification Letter
April 2014
English Language Proficiency Level based on language assessment data and other measures (Check one):
_____ L1 - Entering
_____ L4 - Expanding
_____ L2 - Beginning
_____ L5 - Bridging
_____ L3 - Developing
_____ L6 - Reaching
ELL Program: The school district proposes to place your child in the indicated program:
She/ he will receive instruction in the following SEI program/s:
____ Kindergarten ELL Program: Students receive
High School ESL I-IV: Students receive direct English
supports and sheltered instruction from an ESL certified
teacher within the general education setting.
language instruction focused on developing speaking,
listening, reading, and writing skills in English as well as
sheltered content instruction in core academic subjects.
____ Sheltered English Instruction Gr. 1-8 classes:
Students receive a minimum of 2.5 hours daily of instruction
from an ESL certified teacher integrating sheltering strategies
to make content comprehensible and develop content area
academic language. This program is designed to provide
intensive instruction in English Language Development.
____ High School ESL I: For beginners/newcomers.
____ ESL Support: Students receive sheltered content
made significant progress but continue to need
support with a focus on reading and writing.
instruction in the general education setting. Students also
receive direct English language instruction focused on
developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in
English from an ESL certified teacher. Students are either
pulled out for instruction or the teacher instructs within the
____ High School ESL II: For students who are not
beginners but need significant support.
____ High School ESL III: For students who have
____High School ESL IV: For students who have
made significant progress but will benefit from
additional academic reading and writing support.
____ SIFE: SIFE classes are for students with interruptions in
formal schooling to provide students with additional support
in basic literacy (reading and writing) and in math, as well as
in instruction in other curricular areas.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_____ General Education: Your child was not found to be an
English Language Learner and therefore does not qualify for ESL
services. Your child will receive instruction in the mainstream,
general education classroom.
Based on the testing results above, the student is classified as (Check one):
____ English Language
Learner (ELL)
Initial and Annual Parent Notification Letter
____ English ProficientNot ELL
April 2014
Exit Criteria
Students who have demonstrated academic competency in English will no longer be classified as an English Language Learner (ELL).
Therefore, the student will be exited from the ELL program and will not be eligible for ESL services. Students who are no longer
classified as English Language Learners must be monitored by the district for two years to ensure that they are succeeding
academically. However, if the student struggles to meet grade level academic expectations due to lack of English language
proficiency, the district must provide language support services to such students and/or recommend re-entry to the ELL program. In
order to exit out of the ELL program, students need to meet the following criteria:
Obtain an Overall Composite score of at
least 4.0 on ACCESS for ELLs (Tier B or C),
and score Proficient (240 or above) on the
MCAS ELA test.
Demonstrate ability to perform ordinary
classroom work in English as indicated by:
Obtain Obtain an Overall Composite score of
at le
at least 5.0, Reading and Writing scores
scores of at least 4.0 on ACCESS for ELLs
(Tier B or C).
(Include information about other relevant data)
Opting Out and Alternate English Language Education (ELE) Program Options
Opting Out of Services
I understand that my child is an English Language Learner and I have the right to opt out of the language program chosen for my child,
and other programs for English Language Learners offered by the district. Federal and state laws require that the district provide my
child with support so that he or she can understand instruction taught in English and develop his or her English skills. This means that if I
choose to opt out, my child’s teachers will support my child in the general education classroom. However, if I opt out of the language
programs, my child will not receive specific English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction focused on developing language skills. I
understand that the district believes that ESL instruction would help my child learn English and succeed in school, so it recommends that I
allow my child to be part of the district’s language programs. This type of instruction is especially important if a child is just beginning to
learn English or struggles to understand, speak, read, or write English. If I decide to opt out of language services for my child, I will contact
the ELL teacher at my child’s school and the ELL department at 978-740-1126 or 978-740-1175 to request an Opt Out form that I will fill
out, sign, and send to my child’s school.
Alternate English Language Education (ELE) Program
If you believe that your child should be placed in a program other than the SEI program (if indicated above), you have the right to request
a waiver into an alternate program. Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) – a program where content instruction is initially taught in the
native language of the student, and English. As the student develops English language proficiency, instruction is increasingly taught in
English. This type of program is only allowed after a waiver for TBE has been requested by at least 20 parents of students in the same
grade level with the same native language and such waiver has been granted, or if the student’s school has an approved Level 4
Turnaround Plan that includes at TBE program. Please contact the ELL Director at 978-740-1126 or 978-740-1175 if you wish to request a
If you have any questions, you may contact the English Language Learning (ELL) Department at 978-740-1175 or 978-740-1126.
I have received information about my child’s English language proficiency and eligibility for ESL services. If eligible, I have also received
information about what services are available in the Salem ELL Program, and which ESL services are recommended for my child.
Signature of Parent or Guardian
Initial and Annual Parent Notification Letter
April 2014