JOB DESCRIPTION - Southwest Preparatory School

Job Announcement
2015-2016 School Year
Compliance Officer (Spec Ed, 504, ELL) with Response to Intervention (RTI) /Intensive
Instruction Support/SSI
Southwest Preparatory Board Approved Pay Schedule
Associate Superintendent for Accountability and Federal Grants
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or college, Master’s Degree Preferred
Texas Teacher’s Certification in Special Education with ESL Endorsement
Minimum of five (5) years of successful classroom experience
Must be able to work with diverse populations and have good organizational skills.
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Fluent in Spanish preferred
The Compliance Officer shall be responsible for ensuring appropriate identification and
placement of students with disabilities (Special Education, ELL and 504) and district
compliance with state and federal requirements for implementation of the Individuals with
Disabilities Act, (IDEA) in accordance with district policies and procedures including
ensuring all timelines are met. Collaborates with the District Testing Coordinator
( D T C ) , P r i n c i p a l and other district officials in working with students, parents and
faculty members wi t h collecting, analyzing and disseminating confidential academic data
in training programs.
Monitor and provide support to teachers with the implementation of lesson plans that
meet the requirements of the students’ IEPs.
Monitor and provide support to teachers with providing accommodations and
modifications according to the students’ IEPs.
Work cooperatively with teachers, administrators, and other staff as needed to meet State
and Federal Special Education requirements.
Monitor and provide support to teachers with conducting ongoing assessments – both
transition and academic assessments -- through formal and informal testing.
Monitor and support teachers with managing student behavior in accordance with
students’ IEP and Behavior Intervention Plan, Student Code of Conduct, and student
Establish and maintain open communication by conducting conferences with parents,
students, principals, and teachers.
Participate in staff development activities to improve job related skills.
Coordinate with staff and District Testing Coordinator (DTC) to identify students
receiving 504 services, hold 504 meetings, and disseminate required information
to staff and DTC, monitor implementation of Academic Plans.
Assumes all identification and bookkeeping functions as required for ELL
students; attend all ESL/SSA/Migrant regional meetings; coordinates the
identification of ELL students in the district; identifies the needed services for
ELL students; coordinates with teachers and administrators of campuses on ELL
needs; prepares monthly list of ELL students for distribution to staff; monitors
data bases and develops reports on student progress to present to campus/district
leadership; builds relationships with parents, guardians, students, and teachers to
meet NCLB and State Assessment requirements; ability to train and provide
strategies for an effective learning environment for ELL’s; conducts LPACs as
needed and informs parents of LPAC decisions and ESL Program Benefits;
acquires and trains 1 Parent Representative at each campus for LPACs;
coordinates with Special Education staff when ARD’s coincide with LPACs.
Oversee RTI/Intensive Instruction Program at all campuses to ensure
implementation of the RTI process and Intensive Instruction in required subject
areas for all identified students.
Performs related and other duties as assigned
CONSIDERATIONS: The candidate should possess good people skills, flexibility, the ability to work
under pressure and stay on task, responsible, reliable, a self-starter, and have the
ability to adjust to change. Must have the ability to organize and set appropriate
priorities in order to meet deadlines. Able to work as part of a highly functioning
team. Ability to interpret data collected and makes appropriate and meaningful
recommendations as required.
The Southwest Preparatory School considers applicants for all positions without
regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital or
veteran status, the presence of a medical condition, disability,
or any other legally protected status.