What is ESL? - Campbell County Schools

Modifications For ELL Learners in the
Regular Education Classroom
Useful Teaching Strategies
for Successful Integration of
English Language Learners into
ALL Pre-K – 12th Grade Classrooms
~ PowerPoint Presentation ~
What is ESL
The program to help non-native
speakers learn English
Renee T Combs
Why Does it Exist?
 Equal Education Opportunities Act- 1974
 Lau vs Nichols – 1974
 Plyer vs Doe- 1982
How Does It Affect Me?
 NCLB- Under NCLB, we are also held
accountable for sub-groups on standardized
 Federal Money- If our Limited English
students fail, we are held accountable and it
 Jobs
I Know That They Understand Me!
 BICS 1-2 yrs- It takes 1-2 years for social
 CALP 5-7 yrs- It takes 5-7 years for
academic language you relearn
 When you learn a second language, it works
the same as learning your first language.
You learned to speak before you learned to
read and write. The same is true for ELLEnglish Language Learners
Steps of Language Acquisition
 Pre-Production- They really don’t speak- will
understand more than they say
 Early Production- will say a few words
 Speech Emergence- many errors in
speaking and writing
 Intermediate Fluency- less errors
 Proficient
What Do I Do When They Show Up
at School?
 Language Survey
 Call Title 1- Pam Walden
 If they are transferring from another school,
request the ELL records
Immunizations- all students must have
them to enroll
 Star Program- fill out auxiliary page
Star Program and Test Coding
 To properly enter ELL students in the
system, the Auxiliary page must be
 Under language- L should be chosen
– L- active esl
– 1- first year of proficiency per ELDA test
– 2- second year of proficiency per ELDA test
– N- passed the entrance but is still non- English
– -F- Proficient
– W- waives ESL Services
Entrance Exam?
 Every person that fills out the language
survey and says that English is not the
primary language spoken at home must be
 The TELPA test is given by the ESL teacher
 PLEASE- ask your principal to contact Title
1 ASAP when you suspect English is not the
home language
ELDA Test ?
The ELDA ( English Language Development
Assessment) is the standardized test k-12
given annually to ELL students to determine
their proficiency in English.
The test window is in February and March.
The test is very comprehensive and includes
reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
It is untimed and may be time-consuming.
It is administered by the ESL teacher.
What about the State Tests?
 ELL students take the ELSA- English
Language Simplified Assessment instead of
TCAP or Gateway
 First year ELL students are exempt from
taking the writing assessment
How Am I Supposed to Teach
 Modifications– Shorter and simpler reading assignments as
needed. It still needs to challenge them
– Pre-teaching- present and familiarize them with
the material
– Familiarize them with vocabulary
- Meet with ESL Teacher to help with
Can You Repeat That
 Pre-School & Kindergarten – Phonics,
Vocabulary, Computer programs for
enrichment of vocabulary and phonics
 Grades 1 & 2- Phonics, Reading Recovery,
Read w/ Them
 Grade 3 – 12 –Pre-teaching, Vocabulary,
Modifications and computer programs- see
Renee Combs
Also, the ESL teacher will work with the
student as needed
Keys To Success
 Natural Language Ability
 Level of ability in native language
 The younger they are- the easier to “catch
– As a rule, students who have success or wish to
integrate will learn the language faster.
Now, What is ESL?
 ESL is the program of acronyms where trial
and error “IEP”s are created daily for NELBs
(Non- English Language Background) who
are either NES ( Non- English Speaking),
LEP (Limited English Proficient) , T1(
Transfer1) T2 (Transfer 2), or N ( proficient
but non- English background)……… a new
one day, a new acronym….