BOT Minutes 3-9-15

YPW Board of Trustees
March 9, 2015
Board Members Present: Sam Foreman, Sundee Dunn, Laura Bernstorf, Ian Worrell, Traniece
Bruce, Ty Brackin, Shelly Prichard, Josef Hamilton, Suzy Finn, Thomas Stanley, Mike Converse,
Connie Dietz, Tara Patterson, Ebony Clemons, Tim Brunson, Brian Ferguson (CC Sub)
Board Members Absent: Ellen Decker, John Trowbridge, Joslyn Kusiak, Greg Klenda, Amber
Hendrix, Meg Foreman
1. Approval of February Meeting Minutes
a. Traniece Bruce motioned, Josef Hamilton seconded. February minutes approved
as written.
2. Team Updates
a. College Connection – Brian Ferguson (Co-Chair):
i. Intern Return
1. Currently seeking volunteers desiring to gain valuable
leadership and planning skills as well as make solid connections
with corporate investors and the community. Please spread the
2. Tentative team meeting set for March 18.
3. Strategic Priority Update
a. Goal One: Member Survey
i. Priority Goal One Update – Laura Bernstorf (Owner)
1. Jamil Malone, Analyst with Sullivan Higdon & Sink, will be
donating his time to help administer and analyze the survey.
2. Started looking for good survey questions from similar
organizations or questions that have been asked in the past.
3. If you have a question you think is important to include, please
email it to: and I will add it to the
ii. Action Steps:
1. Meeting on Monday March 16, to put together the survey
proposal which will outline the key objective(s) for the survey.
2. Gather survey questions.
3. Begin planning part 2, engaging small groups to provide the
future vision portion with Thomas Stanley
b. Goal Two: 10-Year Celebration
i. Looking into opportunity with newspaper
ii. Moving forward with RiverFest
iii. Media Coverage this Month:
1. Coverage regarding Kickball
2. Mayoral Meet and Greet
iv. Please see Action Team Updates for further information
c. Goal Three: Diversity and Inclusion
i. Please see Action Team Updates
d. Goal Four: Economic Development
i. Please see Action Team Updates
4. Staff Updates
a. Leadership Academy:
i. Brought in funds in excess of goal
ii. Great feedback thus far!
b. $5500 in new sponsorships this year
c. HighTouch Technologies has sponsored new computers for YPW
i. Now have more technological capabilities
d. Everyone is encouraged to sign up for a week to market the #ILoveWichita
e. YPW now has an Instagram Page!
i. Company based in Colorado. YPW has received calls with confusion
surrounding YPW LLC.
5. YP Week (All Events Tentative):
i. Week leading up to Founder’s Day
1. Monday: Breakfast w/ the Mayor (Leadership Link)
2. Thursday: Volunteer Activity (Community Relations)
3. Saturday: Dine Around (Ambassadors)
4. Intern Return Event (College Connections & Pulse)
a. Date TBD
6. Guest Presentation: James Chung & Sally Johnstone, REACH Advisors
a. Discussion Highlights
i. Analyzing what really matters through a data-driven approach to
determine where Wichita should focus attention and capitol more
accurately and closely.
ii. Good News: Wichita has not had any crisis’s. Bad News: Wichita has not
had any significant change, while the world around is consistently
iii. Some of the questions posed:
1. What makes Wichita work?
2. What drives growth in Wichita?
3. What holds Wichita back?
4. Etc.
iv. Wichita has great assets/opportunities, but YP demographic
continuously exporting to different locations.
v. YP’s must take ownership of being a voice of change.
vi. Changing negative perceptions can fuel the fire in the community.
vii. “Some people are protecting the past from the future and the future
from the past.”
viii. Wichita is reactive opposed to proactive.
ix. “1,000 people, 1,000 things”