2015 Pre Season Meeting with Notes

Edina High School Boys Soccer
Pre-season Meeting
Monday, August 3, 2015
7PM EHS Cafeteria
 Introductions: Coaches, Varsity Captains, Captains’ Parents
 Boys Soccer Program & General Information
o Organizational Structure/Teams
 100 plus players, deep pool of players, some cuts will occur
o Eligibility & Registration
 MUST be registered to tryout prior, this year all ONLINE, Pamela Park for tryouts
o Key Dates
o Injuries
 Get your injuries cleaned up, Captains practice optional, get healthy first and foremost
 Bring your own water and don’t share – avoid illness, bring sun screen
o Beep Test
 Beep test Monday evening 8-9PM
 31 minute run, starts slow, ends fast, aerobic measure of your fitness
 Captains practice – everyone welcome, all ages, update * no Captains on Fridays
 Team mgrs. To be more involved this year – capture team data, etc
 Communications
o Website /Calendar – familiarize yourself with the EHS Boys Soccer website
o Email Contacts
 Email listing created once you get on a team, get on listing once team is selected
 Superfans – High School seniors have drawing to select fans, make cookies, signs, etc
 Fundraisers
 Last year’s fundraising paid for new soccer socks, shorts and tryout pull-overs.
 Pullovers should last 10 years, reusable and cost $30 each. Fundraising paid for it.
 Pay forward for fundraising, Last year’s efforts paid for this year.
 Two fundraisers cover 80% of fundraising – car wash and card blitz (new vendors)
 Car Wash need volunteers, parents too, last names A-M 10-12, N-Z 12-2
o Saturday 10am-2pm, August 15th - Car Wash at Holiday (Vernon and Interlachen) for All Athletes
 Call Ann for car wash cards if you were absent at the meeting
 $20 for a sheet (4 @ $5)
o Sunday 12pm-6pm, August 16th - Meet at the EHS parking lot for Card Blitz
 Cards to be sold with all local vendors, unlimited use
 Need full participation – parents to drive, athletes go door to door, 1 driver per 2 players,
 Cant make Blitz – buyout cards, buy cards on your own or make a donation to team
 Top seller over 50 cards gets an IPAD
 $20 per card, last year sold over 1000 cards
 Every discount on card is unlimited for a year – BIG selling point or donate to the Soccer Team
 Choice - 100% of direct donations go to the team, portion of card blitz goes to team
 Our GOAL is to have 100% participation – buyout, donation or sales
 Call Ann for card purchases if absent at meeting
 Need PARENT drivers for Blitz day, please participate!
o Sportswear – online ordering available until August 31
 Online link at web site, proceeds go to Soccer Team
 No personalization on apparel this year
 Link is on the Soccer web site
 Get your physical forms in, must have one every 3 years on file at school
Contact Information
 Varsity
Dave Jenson (Head)
 Varsity
Bill Garner (Assistant)
 JV
Sean Hasselstrom
Paul Widstrom
 B Squad
Joe Deckenbach
 9th Grade Adrian Trow
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Varsity Captains
 Nico Joy – Senior
 Brennan Scott - Senior
 Ryan Moon – Junior
Nico cell # 612.840.0804
Brennan cell # 952-388-9560
Ryan cell # 612.618.8187
Varsity Captains’ Parents
 Monica and Myer Joy
 Ann and Quin Scott
 Jane and Howard Moon
Monica cell #612-840.3828
Ann cell # 612-819-8410
Jane cell # 612-709-7382
Myer cell # 763-218-0758
Quin cell # 612-865-2913
Howard cell # 612-770-7076
Website: hornets.edinaschools.org/domain/308
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @EHSBoysSoccer
2015 Edina Boys High School Soccer: Important Dates
Aug 3
Pre-Season Meeting
All Parents/Athletes
7-8pm (Edina High School Cafeteria)
Aug 3-14
All Athletes
Aug 3 -Aug 6
Captains’ Practice
All Athletes
9-11am, 1-3pm (Edina High School Turf)
Aug 10-Aug 13 Captains’ Practice
All Athletes
9–11am, 1-3pm (Edina High School Turf)
Aug 15
Fundraiser - Car Wash All Athletes
10am – 2pm (Holiday Station Interlachen/Vernon)
Aug 16
Fundraiser – Card Blitz All Athletes
12pm-6pm (location TBA)
Aug 17
Mandatory Meeting
All Athletes
8 – 9am (EHS Cafeteria)
Aug 17
Tryout practice
All Athletes
9 – 11am (EHS Fields)
Aug 17
Tryout practice
All Athletes
2-4pm (Pamela Park)
Aug 17
Tryout Beep Test
All Athletes
8-9 pm (Kuhlman Field)
Aug 18–21
Tryout practice
All Athletes
9am- 12pm / 2-4pm (Pamela Park)
Aug 21
Green & White Scrimmages* All Athletes
5 – 7pm / 7-9 pm (Kuhlman Field or Braemar)
*All athletes are required to be in attendance. Teams will be announced after each scrimmage. Immediately following team
selection, all players and parents will meet with their coach to receive specific team schedules and information.
Aug 22
Varsity Scrimmage
7-9:30 pm (Kuhlman Field)
Aug 24
Team Practices Begin
All Teams
Aug 24
Team Pictures
4:30pm (EHS Turf)
5:00pm (EHS Turf)
5:30pm (EHS Turf)
6:15pm (Kuhlman Field or Braemar)
Aug 25
Varsity Scrimmage
7-9:30 pm (Kuhlman Field or Braemar)
Aug 28
ImPACT Testing
Aug 29
First Game vs. Breck
Freshman/B Squad
10:30-11:15am (EHS Media Center)
11:30-12:15pm (EHS Media Center)
7pm (Kuhlman Field or Braemar)
Sept 1
Game vs Prior Lake
7pm (Kuhlman Field or Braemar)
Oct 31
End of Year Banquet
All Parents/ All Athletes 10am-12pm (ECC)
• All athletes must be available Monday through Saturday during the season for practice, games and team events.
• All teams practice after school from 3:45-6 pm at the high school fields.
• Edina High School plays in the Lake Conference.
• Game Schedules for all teams can be viewed at: hornets.edinaschools.org
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