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Faculty Handbook on Sabbaticals and Leaves:
~ Sabbatical, regardless of rate of pay means 100% relief of University duties. ~
Today’s Date:
Department / H&S:
Joint Department (if applicable):
School (if other than H&S):
Start Date*:
End Date*:
*PLEASE USE: (Full Year 9/1-8/31, Autumn Qtr. 9/1-12/31, Winter Qtr. 1/1-3/31, Spring Qtr. 4/1-6/30)
Type of Leave Requested:
(Sabbatical; JFL Junior Faculty Leave; LWOS Leave without Salary; Paid Leave; Period of Pure
Research.) Definitions at the end of this form.
Other, please explain here:
Total # of Credits Available:
# Sabbatical Credits:
# H&S Paid Leave Credits:
Total # of Credits to Use:
# Sabbatical Credits:
# H&S Paid Leave Credits:
Rate of pay during leave in %:
If less than 100% and you will be receiving no other compensation for the remaining leave – check ☐
Source(s) of Funding
(Other than sabbatical/paid leave credits)
Describe other sources of funding and estimated amount (grant funding, fellowships, visiting position,
approved salary top up, etc.). Total compensation may not exceed your full-time Stanford base salary for
the leave period. Note: A copy of the award letter needs to accompany this request.
Rev. 2/9/2016
H&S Dean’s Office
Purpose of Leave
Please describe fully the purpose and planned activity during the leave period.
Please tell us the courses that will need to be replaced in your absence. (If appropriate list course name
number, and quarter in which you teach. Indicate if it is a core course or not.)
Please list current dissertation students by name for whom you are principal advisor and indicate
arrangements that have been made during your absence.
Supervision arrangements:
Please describe arrangements that have been made for continuation of your graduate and undergraduate
advising responsibilities.
Please describe arrangements that have been made for continuation of any administrative duties for which
you are responsible.
Rev. 2/9/2016
H&S Dean’s Office
If you are a Project Director or Principal Investigator on any externally sponsored project, please describe
the arrangements you have made and the agency prior approvals you have received, as required by the
grant or contract terms and conditions, for your absence from the project and/or reduced level of effort
during this requested leave. (See policy in Research Policy Handbook Chapter 3.1)
Should substantial changes in these plans occur, please inform your department chair. Any changes
must be approved by the Department and HSDO. Thank you.
Faculty Signature
Department Chair
Dean H&S
Secondary/Joint Department Chair
Secondary/Joint Dean
Rev. 2/9/2016
H&S Dean’s Office
Leave of Absence
Sabbaticals and other types of leave of absence are not automatic. They are granted by the school Dean
following approval of a leave request by the department Chair(s). In the case of joint/secondary
appointments, faculty must take sabbatical leave from all (primary, joint, secondary) departments, schools
and designated institutes. Leaves must be approved by all departments, schools and designated institutes.
Junior Faculty Leave
The purpose of the Junior Faculty Leave Program is to provide every reappointed assistant professor
with a full year of leave to enhance preparation for the tenure review and to provide a period of time for
pure research. Tenure-track assistant professors reappointed to a second term may take a full year of paid
leave at 100% pay during their fifth or sixth year. For more information regarding this policy see the
faculty affairs website:
For individuals with external fellowships (including Humanities Center/CASBS/Hoover) H&S provides a
4th quarter of paid leave to be taken later in the untenured period.
Leave without Salary
A leave without salary is any period of leave that is completely without salary paid by or through
Stanford University or its disability benefits program.
Paid Leave Credits
Paid leave credits are provided by the H&S Dean’s office. They work in the same way as sabbatical
credits and may be combined with sabbatical credits.
Period of Pure Research Leave
Faculty members, other than Assistant Professors (Research), Associate Professors (Research), Professors
(Research) and Senior Fellows may apply for a period of pure research, which is defined as leave from
teaching and other institutional responsibilities during which the faculty member receives full or partial
salary through Stanford from sponsored research.
A sabbatical is a type of leave using sabbatical credits. Sabbatical credits are accrued for each
“teaching” period. Faculty on a quarterly calendar may accrue sabbatical eligibility during a maximum of
3 quarters in 1 year @1 credit per quarter. A fourth quarter of teaching or sponsored research does not
add sabbatical eligibility.
Questions concerning sabbaticals or leaves should be directed to the Faculty Affairs Specialist in the
H&S Dean’s Office. If you have questions regarding short-term or long-term disability; please contact
Melissa Armato [email protected] in the H&S Benefits Office. Thank you.
Rev. 2/9/2016
H&S Dean’s Office
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