College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences
Baylor University
Application for Sabbatical
Summer 2016
BU-PP 714,
Deadline for submission of application: October 1, 2015
Name: __________________________________________ Academic Rank: __________________________
Department: ________________________________________________Years at Baylor: ________________
Do you have tenure at Baylor? __YES __NO
Are you in a tenure-track position? __YES __NO
If yes, what year do you expect to be considered for tenure? ________
Department Chair approval is required before submission deadline. (See PART III of this document).
PART I: General Information
Title of Sabbatical Proposal:
1. Indicate with a check mark the general nature of this sabbatical project:
_____ Develop scholarly journal article(s)
_____ Develop scholarly book project
_____ Field research
_____ Classroom teaching/curriculum development
_____ Creative/artistic project development
_____ Original theory development/construction/testing
_____ Other: ______________________________________________________
2. Beginning with the most recent from the past 5 years, please list your sabbaticals or research leaves in
chronological order:
Title of
(e.g., published article)
3. Please provide a brief summary (250 words) of the results of your previous sabbaticals or research leaves
(within the last 5 years).
4. Please list your most recent (within the last 5 years) scholarly publications and/or creative presentations:
PART II: The Summer Sabbatical Proposal
1. Provide a clear and concise description of your proposed summer sabbatical project (3-5 pages). Avoid
overly technical, discipline-specific jargon and include:
a. a brief background/context for the current project
b. the objectives/goals of the current project
c. the proposed methodology to be used in the current project
d. the desired outcomes and/or probable impact of the current project on your professional development
as a scholar and/or teacher
e. the desired outcomes and/or probable impact of the current project on your academic discipline or
community of scholars
f. the proposed method of assessment or appraisal to be used in evaluating the outcomes of the current
2. Please provide a tentative work plan indicating a proposed time frame for development and completion of
the current project.
3. Briefly, please outline your course load and other professional responsibilities for the current academic year.
Be sure to include the approximate number of students in each class and whether the class is a lecture, lab, lab
supervision, or individual study course.
PART III: Submission
The application, a current Curriculum Vita (CV), and any optional supplemental materials will be submitted
electronically via Baylor BOX Service,, for review by your
respective Department Chair, Dean, and the A&S Sabbatical Committee members. CV should list abstracts,
performances, posters, presentations, and publications separately. List the page numbers on publications.
Please separate peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed scholarly work.
When application, CV and supplemental materials are ready for upload, please send an e-mail to request a BOX
folder link to [email protected], copying your Department Chair. Via e-mail you will receive a
BOX folder link and additional instructions to upload your documents. Your Department Chair will be copied
so they can review your application and note their approval in the comments section of your application in BOX
after it has been uploaded.
Deadline for submission of application: October 1, 2015
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