Post doc position at the Translational Immunotherapy Team of the

Post doc position at the Translational Immunotherapy Team of the
InstitutCurie, Paris
“Human B lymphocytes and cancer: friends or foe or both?”
Mentor: Eliane Piaggio, InstitutCurie - Laboratory of Immunology, Paris, France
Co-Mentor: Elisabetta Traggiai, NIBR, B cell and Antibody Discovery Lab, Basel,
Post-doc thematic:
Despite B-lymphocytes are a crucial component of the adaptive immune system,
little is known about their interaction with cancer cells, their potential antineoplastic functions and/or contribution to tumor progression. However, the
immune system is able to generate antibodies to specific cancer antigens and
together with recent findings such as the positive prognostic relevance of tumor
infiltration by B cells, this is suggestive of a potential anti-tumor function of Blymphocytes. Within the present proposal we will dissect the phenotype and
antibody repertoire of human B-lymphocytes in cancer patients, and we will make a
special focus on the purinergic signaling in the cross talk between B lymphocytes and
cancer cells, opening potential new avenues of immunotherapy intervention.
The candidate will be part of the Translational Immunotherapy team of
ElianePiaggio, inserted in the Inserm Unit 932 http://u932.curie.frheaded by S.
Amigorena. He will also benefit from the high level technological and medicoscientific
Hospital in the center of Paris.
The 3 years Post-doc position will be available starting from August 2015.
Highly motivated and talented Research Fellows with a PhD in Immunology, having a
good track record, are welcomed to send their CV, motivation letter and references