VHS P2P Course Syllabus

Vicksburg High School
Course Syllabus
Trimester Course Syllabus
Name of Course: Peer-to-Peer
Trimester: 1
Teacher Name: Ms. Vanderkolk
Contact Information:
Purpose/Course Description:
The student enrolled in the Peer-to-Peer program (P2P) will be a mentor, role model, and friend
to an ASD student. In this role, the peer student will be with their assigned ASD student a
minimum of one class period per day, except for “Training Day”. In addition to being a mentor,
role model, and friend, they will assist the ASD student in such things as appropriate classroom
behavior, organization of assignments and supplies, and focusing on what the teacher is saying.
The P2P student will attend P2P staffings to discuss the progress of their ASD student, and
contribute ideas on how to more effectively help the ASD student progress toward his/her goals.
During a normal school week, the P2P student will be attending a P2P class one day a week
where you will learn more about the autism spectrum, as well as methods/techniques for working
with ASD students. There will be assignments that will be worked on the remainder of the week,
as well as tests, quizzes, midterms, and final exams. Much of this will be done online and with
communication through a blog. Four days out of the week P2P students will be with their
assigned ASD student during their P2P class.
Computer use: If a student does not have access to the internet at home, the Library computers
should be accessed to complete assignments. If the student has difficulty accessing a computer
at the Library, every effort will be made to provide access to the internet in the P2P room. The
student is expected to initiate contact with Ms. Vanderkolk if he/she is having difficulty
completing assignments due to lack of access to a computer with internet connection.
The P2P class assists students in their consideration of a career in the Human Services Career
Pathway. Teachers, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers,
and many more occupations will increasingly work professionally with individuals identified as
having ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). P2P is a course that enables the student to make a
difference in another person’s life. In addition to the academic content of the course, there is
ample time to apply what you are learning as you become involved in the life of another student.
Many previous P2P students have said that this has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling
classes they have taken.
P2P students will learn:
Vicksburg High School
Course Syllabus
Leadership skills – The ability to formulate a plan of action, influence other
students with their ideas, and lead others.
Effective communication skills (both written and verbal) – communication with teachers,
other students and special needs students.
Skills related to Human Service occupations – having a positive impact on others, helping
others succeed.
About autism, what it is, and techniques in working with autistic individuals
Problem solving techniques – you will be faced with circumstances that require
imagination and perseverance.
Applied psychology in dealing with others – you will learn psychological principles AND
be able to apply them.
Goal setting – formulating a goal, writing it down, and measuring you progress.
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – gathering information, establishing a base line and
implementing a plan for behavior change
Special Education disabilities in addition to ASD
How to understand and adapt to individual differences – tolerance and patience
How to accept responsibility -- being responsible is a primary character trait for LINKS
Teaching skills and modeling techniques – this is how you will impact the student you
are working with.
Citizenship responsibilities – recognizing your role in your society and the
responsibilities you have.
Reflective listening – learning how to let a person know you are listening.
Journaling – you will be writing a daily journal regarding your LINK experience
Group process skills – working in a group to solve a problem.
How a behavior management plan works – exploring the makeup of a behavior
management plan.
How to identify and deal with stereotyping and discrimination – this is something special
needs students face every day.
How to advocate for others (and self) – learning how and when to speak up.
Topics, Key Concepts, and Units of Study:
The Basics of Autism Spectrum Disorder; What Makes a Good P2P; Behavioral Strategies; Goal
Setting Strategies; Special Education disabilities; Meeting Dynamics; Working in a group;
Creative Communication and Problem Solving; Leadership; Teaching, and Modeling,
Thoughtful, Contributing Citizenship; The “unspoken rules” of our high school; Organizational
tools for school; Confidentiality; Supported Communication; Academic Supports and Strategies;
Accommodations; Collaborative Problem Solving; Strategies for working with Asperger
individuals; Educational strategies for ASD students; Specific learning strategies for test taking
and self advocacy.
Textbooks Used and Other Sources:
No textbooks are used. Teacher-generated information will be provided.
Materials Needed (Supplies Suggested):
Pencil/pen, paper,computer access
Methods of Instruction:
In-class discussion/lecture, assignments and communication on the class blog.
Vicksburg High School
Course Syllabus
Evaluation/Grade Calculations:
•Trimester Grades:
-Teacher Observation
-Seminar Participation
-Tests & Quizzes
•Overall Trimester Grade:
-Trimester Grade
-Trimester Exam
Types of Evaluation and Assessment:
Daily attendance, participation in assigned meetings, completion of reports as required,
journaling on the class blog, posts on the class blog, trimester final exam, positive interactions
with staff and students at VHS, being a good role model, being a good mentor, bonding
indicators such as time spent with ASD student and interaction with ASD student.
Grading Scale:
Blogging Expectations:
Blogging on the P2P website is a very important part of the P2P class experience. This process
allows us a direct link to the classroom and the ASD student you work with. You will blog on
the areas of socialization, independence, and academics. Daily blogs are worth 25 points, 5
points for each category and an additional 10 points earned for getting the blog online in a timely
manner. Blogs are to be entered daily, but must be entered online by seminar the following week
for full credit. Late blogs will be accepted for one week after the due date, after this it becomes
a zero. Late blogs will not be accepted after this time period.
Daily Blogs Grading Criteria
Weekly Blogs Grading Criteria
Vicksburg High School
Course Syllabus
Assignment Expectations:
All assignments are to be original to the student, complete, and in the form expected by the
teacher. Assignments are expected to reflect the best possible effort by the student.
Late Assignments:
The student is expected to initiate contact with ------- if he/she anticipates being late with an
assignment, or is already late. Assignments are due by the following P2P class unless otherwise
specified. There will be a 40% deduction for late assignments. Late assignments are due within
two weeks of the due date, anything turned in after two weeks will be a zero. -------- will expect
an explanation as to why the assignment is late, and an agreement as to when the assignment will
be turned in. School policy will be followed on late assignments, and assignments missed due to
Final Exam:
Student has the choice of two options: 1) 5 page paper describing one evidence based practice
used for a student with autism. 2) Plan an outing/activity with your peer that you initiate, plan,
and organize. Cost has to be pre-approved by instructor and outing should last a minimal of 1
hour. Outing may be combined among peers. Follow-up paper with a 1 page summary discussing
your activity. Either option must be turned in before the end of the trimester.
Classroom Procedures
Student Responsibilities expectations:
All P2P students are expected to personally “check in” to the P2P room 10 minutes prior
to first hour. A check in sheet will be available to indicate the students’ presence for their class
on that day. If the student does not check in, an absence will be recorded for their assigned class
hour. The only exception will be the “Training Day” for the week. Attendance will be taken
each hour on “Training Day.”
P2P students will be assigned to an individual class that is being taken by an ASD
student. The peer will sit next to the ASD student, assisting them socially, with organizational
issues, attention issues, and academic support where needed. The peer will be expected to abide
by the classroom procedures and rules of the teacher in charge of each classroom, as well as
show respect for that teacher and his/her authority.
The P2P student will attend one training class per week with Ms. Vanderkolk. Because
attendance, punctuality, and responsibility are character traits we strive to develop with our ASD
students, these are very important for the peer as a role model and mentor.
School policy (as stated in the Student Handbook) for attendance will be closely
followed. Any P2P student who exceeds the number of allowable absences will be held
accountable to the School policy. Excessive absences and/or tardy records may result in lowered
grades, and denial of future LINK opportunities. Remember, a peer is a role model for the ASD
student. It is the responsibility of the P2P student to keep Ms. Vanderkolk, the
Teacher/Coordinator of the P2P class, informed as to reasons for tardiness and absences.
Consequences: Consequences will follow the school policy as stated in the Student Handbook.
Vicksburg High School
Course Syllabus
All students must have a hall pass and permission of the teacher in charge to leave the classroom.
A unique hall pass will be provided to P2P students for the purpose of P2P duties with a ASD
student. Peers are expected to be with their ASD student at all times during the assigned class
The act of obtaining answers or completing assignments in a fraudulent or deceitful manner.
Disciplinary action will be determined by staff and administrators, according to the Student
Vicksburg High School’s attendance policy is based on two facts. First of all, it is the school’s
task to teach promptness and responsibility. Good attendance habits in school will help make
students reliable adults. Moreover, their attendance record becomes part of their permanent
record. Many employers consider attendance to be equally as important as a student’s grade
point average.
Reporting Procedures:
 Documentation in the form of a phone call or written note must be received by the
attendance office for each absence (269) ----------.
 Documentation must be received within 48 hours of the student’s return to class.
 Documentation will be kept in the student’s attendance file. This is significant in the
appeals process.
Tardy Policy: Being tardy is not a responsible practice. A tardy is defined as not being in the
room when the bell completes ringing. Teachers will record tardies as part of their attendance
taking procedures.
 Classroom teachers will report tardiness to Mr. Harvey.
 Excessive tardies may result in the loss of privileges and/or disciplinary action.
Additional Operational Information:
P2P is a unique class. Because of that there may be questions about procedure, assignments,
tests, and policies. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Vanderkolk.
Vicksburg High School
Course Syllabus
We have read and understand the course expectations for Peer-to-Peer
Hour _________________________
Student Name- Printed
Student Signature
Parent/Guardian Name-Printed
Parent/Guardian Signature
Parent Contact Information
Home # _____________________________
Cell/Work #____________________________
Email Address ____________________________
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