Chinese Teacher Licensure - University of Northern Colorado

1. Title. Chinese Teacher Licensure: An Integrated Approach
2. Team Members. Provide names and home units.
Michelle Low, Modern Languages
Melitta Wagner-Heaston, Modern Languages
Adam Fong, History
Jingzi “Ginny” Huang, School of Teacher Education
Christy Moroye, School of Teacher Education
3. Project Type. Select primary type; we know projects have some overlapping elements.
_X__ New Programs
___ New Learners
___ New Pedagogies
___ Student Success
4. Abstract. Provide a brief (150-200 words) description of the project purpose, objectives, outcomes
and evaluation.
This program establishes a new initial teacher licensure program for K-12 Mandarin Chinese which
integrates content knowledge in Mandarin Chinese language, linguistics, history, literature, and culture
into a single program to meet the needs of the region and nation for individuals who are globally
competent with advanced skills and knowledge in Mandarin Chinese language and culture. Students in
this program benefit from advanced language training and also gain competence by taking courses in
the rich history, literature and civilization of the target culture. Further, students gain valuable cultural
experience living and studying abroad through intensive immersive summer classes in Chinese language
and linguistics and Chinese language teaching methodology at UNC exchange partner school, Shaanxi
Normal University (SNNU), in Xi’an, China. The program is further enhanced domestically through
teacher-exchange, by bringing talented faculty form SNNU to UNC for short workshops and classes.
Additionally, by collaborating with A/PASS on campus with internships, students learn to connect with
the Asian-American community in Colorado, gain valuable experience in cultural and community
programming, and also learn to combine the academic with the social. We are the first Colorado
institution to offer a Chinese licensure program at the post-bac level (beginning summer 2015). This
proposal creates the state’s first undergraduate initial licensure program in K-12 Mandarin Teaching.
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