exempt job description form

Quality and Process Control Intern
Burke Corporation – Nevada, IA
INCUMBENT: Seasonal Open Position
Dir QA & Tech Service, Amanda Lockhart
(Type Title & Name)
President of Burke, David F Weber
(Type Title & Name)
PURPOSE OF POSITION: State briefly, in one or two sentences, the principal purpose or function of this position.
With guidance from the Director of Quality Assurance and Technical Services and/or Quality, Process Control and Food Safety
Supervisors, perform various projects related to food safety, quality programs and HACCP systems to gain exposure to a USDA
regulated further processing meat manufacturing facility.
PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Summary of what the position involves.
This position is a Quality and Process Control Summer Internship position requiring independent and/or team-oriented project work to
provide valuable information which may be used by the company to make key business decisions. Moderate to high level of proficiency
in Excel and/or other Statistical Process Control computer programs is required. Accountabilities include but may not be limited to
tasks such as:
 Evaluating processes utilizing food safety and/or sanitation principles
 Designing new and/or updating current good manufacturing practices and auditing programs
 Conducting quality system testing and evaluations using statistical analysis
 Collecting, recapping and analyzing data for new or modified product lines
Assist in HACCP plan reassessments and re-formatting
Overseeing sanitation procedures
WORKING CONDITIONS: Identify any working conditions that deviate from those found in a normal office setting. This includes
physical effort, work environment, and exposure to hazards.
Standing, walking, reaching, bending, stooping, lifting, climbing ladders, stepping up and down. This position will spend approximately
35% of the time in a climate controlled office environment and approximately 65% of the work week in a production environment,
depending on projects being performed.
Work in production areas is performed in temperatures ranging from -10 degrees in the freezer to 100+ degrees in the oven room. Will
be exposed to noise levels as high as 115 dBA, CO2, humidity, and electrical and mechanical hazards. Will work in areas that are wet
or have fat/oil on the floor. Freezer may have frost/ice on the floor.
REQUIREMENTS: Must meet the following criteria for consideration in this position.
Must graduate in December 2015, May 2016 or August 2016 and major in Food Science, Meat Science, Animal Science or
related field with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
Demonstrated leadership, persuasive, initiative, analytical, and communication skills are necessary for success in this position.
Possess a strong work ethic.
Must be a Citizen or National of the United States, a lawful, permanent resident, or have authorization to work in the United
Applicants must not now, or in the future, require sponsorship for an employment visa.
Must be comfortable with the preparation and consumption of various Burke Corporation products which may include but are
not limited to pork, beef, poultry and a combination of egg, milk, wheat and soy allergenic ingredients.
Location, Hours and Compensation
Position is based out of our production facility located in Nevada, Iowa.
Position is full time, 40 hours per week beginning late May and ending mid-August.
Hourly paid position.
Form Revised 11/14
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