Application for Summer Camp Counselor-in

Application for
Summer Camp Counselor-in-Training Program
Summer Camps at Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter
Summer 2014
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________
City: ____________________State: __________ Zip: ______________
Home Phone: _____________________________ Cell Phone:_________________________
Email Address:________________________________________________________________
Grade you will enter in Fall 2014:___________ Age:___________ Date of Birth:_________
School you Attend:_____________________________________
□ Male
□ Female
Do you text? □ Yes □ No
What is the best way to get in touch with you (Please circle one.)
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Shirt Size (Please circle one): Adult S
Adult M
Adult L
Adult XL
On a separate sheet of paper, please respond to each of the following questions:
1. Why do you want to participate in the Summer Camp Counselor-in-Training program at
Swaner? Please include what you hope to gain from participating in the program.
2. Describe any and all experiences you have had that are relevant to the Counselor-inTraining program. (Examples: experience working with children, experience teaching,
First Aid/CPR experience, experience in leadership roles, etc.)
3. Describe three qualities/characteristics that you think are important for a summer camp
counselor to possess.
4. How do you think you could uniquely contribute to the summer camps at Swaner
Preserve and EcoCenter?
5. Please put a check mark next to all the camps that you COULD work. You will not
necessarily be assigned to work at all the camps you select. Checking all camps that
you are available to work will help the camp director when scheduling Counselorsin-Training to work the camps. In order to work a camp, you must be able to work
each day of the camp. When selecting your availability, consider family vacations,
camps and events you are attending, sports, etc. Discuss your summer schedule
carefully with your parents/guardians.
I Can Work
at this
June 30-July 3
June 30-July 4
July 7-11
July 7-11
8:00 am-1:00 pm
12:00-5:00 pm
8:00 am- 1:00 pm
12:00-5:00 pm
July 14-18
8:00 am-4:00 pm
July 21-23
July 21-23
July 28-August 1
July 28-August 1
8:00 am-1:00 pm
12:00-5:00 pm
8:00 am-1:00 pm
12:00-5:00 pm
8:00 am – 3:00
8:00 am – 3:00
August 4-8
August 4-8
Camp Title
this Camp
Outdoor Exploration
1st and 2nd
FUNdamental Science 3rd and 4th
Outdoor Exploration
3rd and 4th
FUNdamental Science 1st and 2nd
5th, 6th, 7th,
Natural Art
3rd and 4th
Natural Art
1st and 2nd
Outdoor Exploration
1st and 2nd
FUNdamental Science 3rd and 4th
LEGO Robotics for
5th, 6th, and
LEGO Robotics for
5th, 6th, and
Mandatory counselor training sessions will be held during the week of June 9-13,
2014 at Swaner EcoCenter. If selected as a counselor, will you be able to attend
these trainings?
□ Yes
□ No
7. Are there are conflicts that you have during the week of June 9-13 that you know about
now? These will not hurt your chances of hire, only help the camp director to better plan
the dates and times of trainings (e.g., do you have sports practice only in the afternoon,
music lessons in the morning, another job only on Fridays, etc.). Please list them below.
Please rank your preference for the following topics. Note that this asks you about
your INTERESTS, not your experience with these topics. We are looking for what kinds
of topics you are interested in, not what you have experience with.
Outdoor Education and
Outdoor Experiences
I am very interested
in this topic and
would love to work
at a camp focused
on this topic
I am somewhat
interested in this
topic and it would be
okay to work at a
camp focused on this
I have no interest in
this topic and would
not like to work at a
camp focused on
this topic
To Submit Your Application:
Applications are due at the Swaner EcoCenter by 5:00 pm on Monday, April 28th. Drop your application
form by the EcoCenter during open hours (Wednesday-Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm) or mail your
application form to:
Katherine Veeder
Swaner EcoCenter
1258 Center Drive
Park City, UT 84098
For questions, please contact Katherine Veeder at (435)797-8942 or [email protected]
**You must read and sign pages 4 and 5 for your application to be complete!
What is a Summer Camp Counselor-in-Training? A Summer Camp Counselor-in-Training
serves as a junior camp counselor for 4-H summer camps offered at Swaner Preserve and
EcoCenter. Counselors-in-Training help Camp Leaders and Camp Counselors run camps.
Summer camps at Swaner are offered to youth in grades 1-8, and camp themes include science,
outdoor exploration, robotics, and stewardship. The position of Counselor-in-Training is
available to high school students (grades 9-12) that are younger than 16. The position is designed
to provide these teens with valuable work and leadership experience.
Who can be a Counselor-in-Training? Any teen in grade 9-12 that is under the age of 16
Where do the camps I would be working at take place? All summer camps will be based out
of Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter in Kimball Junction, outside Park City.
Why should I participate in the Counselor-in-Training program? Serving as a Counselor-inTraining can help boost your resume and provide you with valuable work and leadership
experience. Experiences and work/leadership roles such as this look very good on a resume when
applying for colleges or jobs. Serving as a Counselor-in-Training will give you:
 Leadership experience
 Teaching experience
 Work experience
 Opportunities to meet new people
 Opportunities to learn new information
 Opportunities to have LOTS of fun this summer
Is there any pay involved in being a Counselor-in-Training? Counselors-in-Training earn
money towards a life skills incentive. Each Counselor-in-Training will earn $2.40 per hour. This
money will go towards purchasing a life skills incentive – something that furthers a passion,
hobby, interest, or skill of yours. Examples of life skills incentives include ski passes, guitar
lessons, horseback riding lessons, cameras, etc. Examples of items that do not qualify as life
skills incentives include ipods, ipads, cell phones, etc. In order to receive the money for a life
skills incentive, you must: 1) show up for each day of the camp you are assigned; 2) arrive on
time each day; and 3) stay until the camp leader dismisses you each day. Each camp leader will
sign off on your money earnings per camp.
At the end of the summer, each Counselor-in-Training will be notified of the amount of money
they earned towards a life skills incentive. You must submit your request for your incentive to
the camp director by October 15th, 2014. If your request is not submitted by October 15th you
will lose the money you earned. The camp director will determine if your request classifies as a
life skills incentive. If the item can be purchased locally or online, the camp directory will
purchase it for you. Some items may require the Counselor-in-Training to purchase the item and
submit an original, itemized receipt for reimbursement. If the item you want costs more than you
earned, you can still purchase the item. You will only get reimbursed for the amount of money
you earned, and you will have to cover the remainder of the cost.
What would be my time commitment and responsibilities as a Counselor-in-Training?
 Submit a complete application on time – late applications will not be reviewed
o A complete application consists of: pages 1-3 properly filled out and a signed
copy of pages 4 and 5.
 Attend an interview with the camp director
 Attend training sessions during the week of June 9-14, 2014– dates and times of these
sessions have not yet been determined
 Show up on time for every day of the camp you are assigned. You will usually be
required to arrive 1 hour before the start of camp.
 Stay until the camp leader dismisses you every day of the camp you are assigned. Cleanup usually lasts 1 hour after camp ends.
 As a Counselor-in-Training you will: help with set-up and clean-up, play games, help
with lessons and activities, supervise campers, keep campers safe, and answer questions.
 It is very important that every Counselor-in-Training shows up on the days they are
scheduled to work. If they do not, the success of the camp is jeopardized. If you are sick
on a day you are assigned to work you must notify the camp leader as soon as possible.
I have read the information above and feel I can fulfill the commitments and requirements
of a Counselor-in-Training. I have selected the dates/camps I am available to work with
thought and consulted my parents/guardians about my summer plans. I understand that
once the Counselor-in-Training schedules have been prepared, I am expected to attend at
the assigned date and times. I have transportation available to and from the camps.
Applicant Printed Name:____________________________________
Applicant Signature: _______________________________________
Date: __________________
Parent/Guardian Printed Name: ______________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________
Date: _________________
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