Outpatient Behavioral Health, Mental Health

Position Title:
Psychology Student Intern
Mental Health
Reports To:
Length of
9-12 Months
Pomona Outpatient
Behavioral Health
17 hours per week
1. The student clinicians will be assigned clients (child and/or adult) for
individual therapy (couple and family therapy to be provided as needed)
2. The student will have the opportunity to co-lead a group (group therapy,
coping skills group, dual-diagnoses group, or other group provided by the
program, based on need and student interest)
3. The student will develop understanding of the delivery of comprehensive
services by working in a multidisciplinary team that includes clinicians,
case managers, psychiatrist, nurse, peer advocates, and multiple
4. The student will develop the skills to conduct intakes (i.e., Adult Initial
Assessments and accompanying documentation), which include thorough
assessment of client symptoms, mental status examination, psychiatric
history, medical history, substance abuse issues, and psychosocial history
in order to provide diagnoses and make appropriate recommendations
5. The student will provide case management services as needed
6. The student will have the opportunity to provide outreach services to the
7. The student will develop the skills to complete Department of Mental
Health (DMH) paperwork
8. The student will participate in case conferences in which cases are
discussed in detail within the interdisciplinary team (on an average 1-2
hours per week)
9. The student will meet individually with his/her supervisor for 1 hour per
week and/or 1 ½ hours of group supervision per week
10. The student will have an opportunity to attend staff meetings and to
receive on-site and off-site trainings
11. Students will be required to adhere to all DMH and Prototypes’ policies
and procedures
12. Students are to provide and document direct services 50% of their time
13. Students will meet any additional requirements listed in the training
agreements of their respective school programs
Key Result Area
Direct Services
Clinical Skill
Key Responsibilities
Facilitate and/or co-facilitate rehabilitation groups and group therapy
Provide individual therapy to children and/or adults
May provide case management services as needed to meet the needs of the
assigned clients
Attend team meetings
Consult with inter- and intra-agency team
Develop clinical skills by way of individual, group, live, audio or video
supervision and by experiential work in individual and family therapy
Gain education and experience related to different theoretical orientations,
developing treatment goals and interventions, defense mechanisms,
countertransference, personality traits and disorders, etc.
Skills &
Become proficient at Department of Mental Health documentation and
progress notes.
Become proficient at case conceptualization and currently used DSM
Bachelor’s degree Required
Enrolled in PsyD or PhD Program
Proficiency in Microsoft Office
If start of practicum year the applicant has 72 quarter units or 48
semester/trimester units of coursework, not including thesis, internship, or
dissertation, must complete DMH waiver prior to start date and must
provide a copy of an official transcript before start date and an unofficial
copy at time of application.
If start of practicum year the applicant has less then 72 quarter units or 48
semester/trimester units of coursework, not including thesis, internship, or
dissertation, must track units each quarter by providing a quarterly
transcript and must provide an unofficial transcript at time of application. If
applicant meets the unit requirements during the practicum year, they will
be required to complete the DMH waiver at that time.
Applicants who have delivered clinical services to individuals with trauma
histories, severe mental illness, or substance abuse are preferred.
Students who have offered some supportive services to such individuals, or
who have offered field-based or in-home treatments, may also apply.