The date is September 2004. You are on a team of scientists, archaeologists, and
researchers studying the death of Otzi the Iceman. This 5,300 year old, perfectly
preserved corpse was discovered in 1991 by two European hikers in the northern Alps
near the Austrian and Italian borders. Your job is to study alongside them to
determine how Otzi died. Be careful! There are numerous theories surrounding this
mystery! Use your prior knowledge, in addition to new information, to help support the
theory you feel most likely to have occurred.
Use the links in this webquest to gather information surrounding the life and death of
Otzi the Iceman. You are responsible for taking notes as you research. Organize them
using the graphic organizers provided. Finally, you will use the information gathered to
write a 3-paragraph essay supporting a particular theory. You will type your essay in
Google Drive. T
1.Before you begin, reflect back on what you already know about the life and death of
Otzi the Iceman.
2. Use the links below and any other useful information you have to gather information
about Otzi's death.
3. Use the graphic organizer given to you to take notes on each of the four theories
regarding Otzi's death.
4. Determine which death theory you agree with most. Be sure to include forensic
evidence to justify your chosen theory.
5. Write your essay:
A. Your first paragraph will give background information about the Iceman,
explain the 4 theories briefly and give tell which theory you think is correct. .
B. your second paragraph will give an overview of the 4 theories of the Iceman’s
C. your 3rd paragraph will explain the theory you agree with the most. You will
provide forensic evidence here. Evidence must be sited.
D. Your last paragraph will summarize the 4 paragraphs. One statement about
the Iceman, 1 statement about the theories, 1 statement about the theory you
believe in the most and brief reason followed by a closing statement.
6. We will peer edit in Google drive
7. Print your essay.
8. Hand in your paper along with the graphic organizers and answers to the questions.
10.Be prepared to present your information to the class.
Use the links to answer the questions about Otzi so you can learn more about him. Use
complete and thorough responses to each question. Be sure to incorporate this
information into your essay:
Link 1
1. Where was Otzi discovered?
Link 2
2. Explain, in detail, how Otzi's body was recovered.
Link 3
3. Why did Otzi remain intact?
Link 4
4. When did the iceman live? How do we know? Give evidence from the link to support
your answer.
Link 5
5. Explain Carbon-Dating.
Link 6
6. What is so special about Otzi?
Link 7
7. How many tattoos does Otzi have?
Link 8 and
8. How did the iceman die? Be sure to explain each of the four theories listed on your
graphic organizer.
Link 9
9. Why was Otzi's axe important?
Link 10
10. Share some info about Otzi's arrows.
Resources: Use the following resources and any others you may find, to research the
theories surrounding Otzi's death. If you use websites not listed below, be sure to
include them on your graphic organizer.
Attacked theory Iceman
BBC News Iceman's final battle
BBC News Scientists solve iceman mystery
Human Sacrifice theory
Killed by own people
Latest Discovery
Oetzi The Iceman