Step 5

“Iceman” Project
Mr. Wiegand: 6th Grade Social Studies
To demonstrate understanding of archaeology vocabulary, comprehension of basic
human needs, and application of facts vs. speculations while analyzing the Iceman’s
Time Table: Due Friday October 10th (Typed)
Steps to be
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Step 5
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Step 6
October 7th
October 8th
October 9th
October 10th
Step 1: Archaeology Speculations
Directions: Click on the link below and answer the following questions by analyzing
the pictures from the website.
1. What does it look like?
2. Where was it found?
3. What could it have been used for?
4. How old could it be?
5. What do you think this artifact is?
Step 2: Reading Comprehension Iceman Facts
Directions: Click on the link below and answer the following questions by reading
the article from the website.
1. Who discovered the “Iceman?”
2. What continent was he discovered in?
3. What mountain range was he discovered in?
4. What was the date he was discovered?
5. How did the “Iceman” meet his basic human needs?
6. Write 10 other USEFUL facts.
Step 3: Reading Comprehension Iceman Facts/Speculations
Directions: Click on the links below to answer the questions.
1. What are 2 facts about Otzi that led to the speculation his occupation was a
2. What are 2 pieces of equipment discovered with Otzi?
3. What is 1 speculation made about each piece of equipment?
4. What are 2 pieces of clothing discover with Otzi?
5. What is 1 fact about each piece of clothing?
Step 4: Speculation about Otzi’s Death
Directions: Click on the links below and answer the following questions by reading
the articles from the websites.
1. There are 6 theories about how Otzi died. Which do you believe? Give a reason
why you believe the theory you picked.
2. How did Otzi die according to this article?
3. Why do you believe or not believe this speculation? Give 1 reason.
Step 5: Rough Draft (Pick Your Project)
Option #1: Children’s Story Book
Goal: To create a children’s story about Otzi with simple sentences and
Option #2: Newspaper Article
Goal: To write an editorial for a newspaper about the discovery of Otzi.
Option #3: Diary Entry
Goal: To write a diary entry about a typical day as though you were Otzi.
Step 6: Final Draft (typed)
Directions: Revise and edit your rough draft. Type the final draft.
Due Friday October 10th (Typed)