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6th Grade Social Studies/IB Social Studies
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Room: A612
Phone: 908-343-3830
6th Grade Framework:
Quarter 1: Era One – The Beginnings of Human Society, and Era Two Early
Civilizations and the Emergence of Pastoral Peoples, 4000 B.C.E.-1000 B.C.E. (Ancient
Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient India)
Quarter 2: Era Three – Classical Traditions, Major Religions, and Giant Empires,
1000 B.C.E. – 300 C.E. (Dynasties, Ancient Greece)
Quarter 3: Era Four – Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter, 300 C.E.–
1000 C.E. (Ancient Rome)
Quarter 4: Era Five – Intensified Hemispheric Interactions, 1000 C.E. – 1450 C.E.
(Fall of Empires, Middle Ages)
All scholars are required to come to class on time and prepared. Repeatedly failing
to arrive to class on-time will result in disciplinary action as per the J.M. Alexander
Middle School's Tardy Policy. Scholars fall behind in coursework when they are
repeatedly late to class.
Class Expectations:
Teachers expect scholars to be responsible for their own actions and to make good choices
at J.M. Alexander Middle School. Expectations in our classroom include:
1. Come to class on time and prepared with all materials.
2. Follow directions and classroom procedures the first time they are given.
3. Receive permission to speak or leave your seat.
4. Be respectful of all people and property
Scholars are required to keep a section in their binder for Social Studies. All class papers
and returned assignments are to be kept. My web site has a link that shows the correct
sequence of things needed to be kept in scholars' notebooks. Binders may NOT be
cleaned out as they serve as a textbook for this class. Copies of most assignments can be
found on my web site in the event any are misplaced or lost.
August 2014
Technology Policy:
Because students have access to a wide variety of technology including but not limited to
cell phones, lap tops, iPads, iPods, etc., I encourage its use for social studies. However, it
is imperative that scholars follow all rules regarding its use during class time or risk
having this privilege revoked. My technology policy during class is as follows: Green,
Yellow, Red. Green means bring your technology, I want to see it out in the class and it
will be able to be utilized for the assignment that day. Yellow means bring the
technology to class but it may not be used in class without teacher permission, depending
on the activity. Most scholars read from their technology and Yellow days are days that a
student may finish their class work early and be able to read from their devise. Red
means DO NOT bring any technology into the classroom. All devises, including cell
phones must be locked in a locker. Any devise seen out in class during a Red day will be
confiscated and the parent will be required to pick it up from the office.
Discipline Policy:
1st Verbal warning for minor offenses.
2nd Teacher’s discretion of consequence (seat change, behavior slip, silent lunch, bounce)
3rd Bounce and adhere to the JMA Discipline Matrix.
*If your behavior is highly disruptive, disrespectful, or dangerous to yourself or others,
you will be removed from the classroom immediately!
My policy is to issue behavior slips for any disruptive infraction in the classroom.
Scholars need to take the slip home and have it signed by a parent that night. Failure to
return a slip to me signed the next day in class will result in a silent lunch until the slip is
returned. After a scholar accumulates 3 behavior slips, I will write an automatic
discipline referral to the principal’s office.
Homework Policy:
 It is important for all assignments to be turned in ON TIME. At J.M. Alexander Middle
School, we encourage students to be organized and keep up with their assigned work.
Assignments can be turned in one day late for reduced credit of 50%. Failure to
turn in work will result in a grade of “0.”
Make-Up Work Policy:
Scholars are responsible for obtaining make-up work after an absence. All missed
handouts are in the “While You Were Out” folders in the front of the classroom, and
found on my web site(most of them) for easy accessibility to be printed at home so
scholars are not behind when they return to class. Work assigned prior to an absence
will not be given an extension and is due the day the scholar returns to school (e.g.
It is Thursday and Alex has a project due Friday. He is absent Friday and returns to
school on Tuesday. His project is due with him his first day back, Tuesday.) I DO NOT
give extra credit assignments. Do not ask me the week before report cards to make up the
work you failed to do when it was assigned; however, going above and beyond on certain
assignments may earn you bonus points, but these will be announced when those
assignments are given. JMA policy prohibits any late work to be turned in the week
before report cards.
August 2014
Grading Scale:
A 93 – 100
B 85 – 92
Formal Grades
Informal Grades
C 77– 84
D 70 - 76
F Below 70
65% of quarter grade
35% of quarter grade
I have read and understand the policies set forth by Mr. Peitz’s Social Studies syllabus for the
2014-2015 school year and acknowledge the scholar expectations set forth for a successful
year. I also acknowledge the importance of Mr. Peitz’s web site as a reliable source of
communication and information throughout the year.
Scholar’s Name______________________________________
Parent Signature_______________________________________ Date_________________
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