Service Definition – Redstor Safeguarding/E-Safety The E

Service Definition – Redstor Safeguarding/E-Safety
The E-Safety hosted Service (“Service”), managed and maintained by Redstor
provides an online, Service Platform (“Service Platform”), which enables an End
User to safeguard their pupils online.
Associated software that is provided to enable use of the Service (“Software”),
analyses all text and images appearing on screen. The End User will install the
Software on each Device in relation to which Service is provided (“Device”).
Text contained within a website, email or computer program is analysed and
inappropriate content is identified by checking all text against a library of
keywords and phrases. When the system detects a word or phrase which
suggests a concern, it takes as screen capture as evidence of what was taking
place at that moment in time, along with detailed information about the time,
date, source and user.
Images are also analysed to assess how closely they resemble pornographic
content, based on their shape, colour and composition.
All screen captures are sent to the, E-Safety Platform where they are stored
securely. If the Device is not connected to the or Internet at that time, the
captures are still made by the Software and stored locally on the Device until a
connection to the E-Safety Platform can be re-established.
End User or Reseller staff review the captures stored on the E-Safety Platform by
logging into the E-Safety Management console via a web browser. Staff can be
alerted immediately to serious or high-risk incidents by setting an email alert.
Additional or bespoke Keywords, phrases and applications can be added to the
library by an administrator.
The Software fully encrypts the captures using 128-bit AES encryption and
transfer the fully encrypted captures via any TCP-IP enabled network connection
over TCP ports 80 and 87 TCP. Port 87 UDP must be open to inbound and
outbound traffic on any internal and external firewalls. All devices to be
monitored must have internet access.
Captures are encrypted before leaving the End User device and remains
encrypted on the E-Safety Platform. Data cannot be altered or permanently
Redstor shall provide support, training and assistance to the Reseller as is
reasonably required. The Software has a number of hardware and software
requirements and Redstor shall provide details of such hardware and software
requirements to the Reseller prior to installation. The Reseller shall be
responsible for ensuring that the Devices meet the requirements.
The Management console, forming part of the service is a web-based console
used to view the data captured and stored by the system. A username and
password is provided by Redstor for each End User to allow them to access their
own information using the console.
The Reseller is provided with the client software as a customised MSI file for
each End User. This incorporates a DNS Name to ensure each Device being
monitored communicates correctly with the E-Safety Platform.
All updates to the Software are provided by Redstor and are applied
automatically, as long as the computer is connected to the internet. This includes
any updates to the library of keywords and phrases contained within the system.
Redstor shall apply within a reasonable period, any new release version or any
patch created to address any bugs in the Software (“New Release”). The End
User’s use of a New Release shall be governed by the provisions of the
Agreement as if it were the Software originally provided.
If requested by the End User or Reseller, Redstor shall provide training and
installation services for the End User in the use of the New Release as soon as
reasonably practicable after the delivery (or the making available) of the New
Release and at Redstor’s standard scale of charges from time to time in force.
Following installation of the New Release, the New Release shall become the
Software for the purposes of this Agreement.
Neither Reseller nor End User is permitted to physically remove data, hardware
or software components from any data centre owned or rented by Redstor or its