Getting To Know Mr_ McIntire 2015

Getting To Know
Mr. McIntire
My Life Story
My name is Michael McIntire and I will be teaching your child
3rd Grade Math, Science and Social Studies. I want to share my
cultural and professional background with you. I was born in
Olongapo City Philippines in 1967, the son of a Filipino woman
and an American Navy man. I came to the United States for the
first time with my Mom, Dad, and sister Angela in 1971 to sunny
San Diego, CA. My sister Tina was born in Portsmouth, NH in
1976. I lived in the following places with my family; CA, NH, ME,
MD and Guam. I spoke no English when I arrived to the U.S.
Major Events 1986-2015
Family man “Chief McIntire” with wife Sampaguita and children;
Samantha, Michael, and Soryna (2005) (L-R)
Philosophy of Teaching and Learning
Education means introducing a child’s mind to the
wonders of learning through new experiences and skills
in a safe and nurturing environment.
I am committed to spending many hours beyond the
classroom schedule to meet my student’s educational
and social goals.
I am committed to establishing a mutual working
relationship based on honesty and trust with parents,
guardians, staff, and Administrators in order to further
my students’ social and academic growth.
I will at all times emphasize and model to my students
what acceptable behavior looks like, so that they may
learn the importance of making the right choices.
I believe great teachers never stop learning and are
continually seeking ways to improve or enhance their
style of teaching for the betterment of their students.
The most important thing I believe in, above all else is
“students don’t care what you know, until they know
you care”.
Jun 1986
Jul 1986
Sep 1992
May 1994
Dec 2000
Feb 2004
Jun 2005
Jul 2006
Graduated from Andover High School (Linthicum MD)
Enlisted in the U.S. Navy (Boot camp in Orlando FL)
Married my wife Sampaguita (London England)
My son Michael Jr. was born (Portsmouth, VA)
Graduated from Columbia College of Missouri (AA)
My daughter Samantha was born (San Diego CA)
My daughter Soryna was born (San Diego CA)
Retired from the United States Navy with 20 years of
Honorable service. Chose to retire and raise our
Family in the great state of Texas (Football Country).
Oct 2006 ISS aide at Taylor MS (Oct 06-May 08)
Jul 2007 Enrolled in Temple College (Taylor TX)
Aug 2009 Enrolled in Texas State University (Round Rock TX)
May 2012 Graduated from Texas State University (BS)
2012-2013 2nd Grade Teacher (Naomi Pasemann Elementary)
2013-2015 3rd Grade Teacher (Naomi Pasemann Elementary)
I have been married to my lovely wife Sampaguita for 23 yrs and
we have 3 wonderful children, Michael 21, Samantha 11 and
Soryna 10. We have 3 dogs, Spike, a white boxer, Oliver, a
dachshund and Camo, a lab/german shepard mix. My favorite
sport to watch is football and my hobbies include bowling,
traveling, and anything involving my children and Family. My
favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys and my favorite
baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. I’ve lived in 8 states, 3
countries, and 1 territory but I’ve visited 40 states, 25 countries,
and 3 territories. I have transited 3 major oceans, 2 canals, 4
seas, 3 gulfs, and 2 Straits. I currently reside in Taylor Texas
with my wife, three children, and three dogs. GO DUCKS!!!
Professional Goals for 2015-2016
I want to read at least 5 motivational or educational books to
enhance my social and/or academic skills. I want to gain as much
knowledge from my campus administrators, team leaders,
curriculum coaches and my peers. I want to be an invaluable
asset and resource to my school district, my students’
parents/guardians and more importantly to my students. I want to
have the attitude of always being hungry for knowledge and never
being satisfied. I will be a positive role model for your child!!!
Contact Information
Mr. Michael McIntire
3RD Grade Teacher
Naomi Pasemann Elementary
[email protected]
Mr. McIntire reading to
Kindergarten Students at
Northside Elementary (2011)
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