Female Health Tips - College of the Canyons

Female Health Tips
College of the Canyons
Student Health and Wellness Center
26455 Rockwell Canyon Road
Santa Clarita California 91355
 NO perfumed soap, deodorant soap, body wash, or shaving gels around the
vagina. These cause dryness and irritation.
 Use baby bath liquid soap. It is very mild and will not cause a rash. It is
also fine to use for shaving
 If you are sexually active, try to pee before and after sex. Use baby wipes
prior to sex, as this deceases the amount of surface bacteria around the
vagina, which cuts down on bladder and vaginal infections. Be sure to wipe
from front to back. Have your male partner use a condom or wet wipes, in
order to minimize bacteria.
 Use water soluble lubricants on the vulvae and in the vagina to protect
sensitive skin.
 No douching
 Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day
 Do not skip meals especially if you are on hormonal contraceptives. This
will cause nausea.
 Take ONE multivitamin daily (Flintstones Complete, Centrum...) These
provide 100% of the adult dose of vitamins, minerals, and iron you need.
DO NOT take “gummies”, they contain no iron
 Take a calcium supplement. Your body needs 1200-1500mg of calcium
daily (equivalent to 4-5 glasses of milk). Viactiv (500mg each), Tums,
Caltrate chewable, and soy milk are good choices. 1 glass of milk contains
300 mg
Debbie Sargent NP