Class No:
Colegio Villa Maria La Planicie
Fifth Secondary English Literature Exercise
Coordinator: Catherine Sotil Brown
Teacher: Luz Maria Alvarez-Calderon
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Cultural Background of the Literature of the Western World:
The contrast between the Greco-Roman Classical culture and the Judaeo-Christian
Which two cultures are the main roots of Western civilization?
Why are Greece and Rome similar?
When did Greek civilization begin?
Which are the two important Greek periods?
When did the Hellenic period develop?
When did the Hellenistic period develop?
What is the main difference between the two?
Complete this comparative chart:
Hebrews or Christians
a. Purpose in life
b. Idea of the afterlife
c. Idea of god
d. Types of values
e. Most important value
9. Why was reason the source of man’s dignity for the Greeks?
10. What is the fallacy in believing that reason is the solution for everything?
11. Mention two characteristics of Greek literature.
12. Mention two Greek representatives of each area of culture:
a. Drama
b. Philosophy
c. Poetry
d. History
e. Sculpture
13. Who is the father of drama?
14. What is the difference between Sophocles and Socrates?
15. What type of ethical or moral system did the Greeks follow?
16. How does a Stoic face misfortune or difficulties?
17. According to the Greeks, what factor influenced or determined the development of
your life?
18. Art and literature had to be moderate, as opposed to exaggerated, in order to be
accepted and considered beautiful by the Greeks. Why?
19. Where did the Hebrew culture develop?
20. What type of social organization did they have?
21. What were their basic ideas about God?
22. Why didn´t the Jews need philosophy?
23. An important gift that ruled their lives was given to Moses. What was it?
24. What did they call themselves?
25. Who was constantly on their minds?
26. Why did the Roman conquerors allow the Jews religious freedom?
27. Who modified the Hebrew tradition?
28. What difference between Hebrews and Christians motivated the Romans to
persecute the Christians?
29. When was Christianity adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire?
30. Complete the comparative chart:
a. Target audience or
b. Basic attitude
towards God
c. Idea of salvation
d. Ideas about eternity
e. Ideas about suffering
31. What aspects of the Roman Empire facilitated travelling for the Christian
32. Write down the six GENERAL cultural periods or movements of Western
civilization described in the section Next Periods.