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How to Create a Core Message for Your Cause
It’s hard not to be boring.
Many causes make the mistake of devising a dozen complex messages that even they
cannot commit to memory. If those close to the issue or organization can’t remember your
message, how can anyone else?
When creating a core message that can be easily repeated it’s good to ask yourself the
following question. What makes you unique?
These three steps will help answer the question so you can tell your story in a simple,
relatable way that will inspire people to learn more and support your cause.
Tips on how not to write a core message:
 Do not use your
mission statement
 Do not list facts and figures
 Do not go into a detailed
 Do not use jargon
Tip for writing a core message:
 Focus on people
 Tell a story
 Highlight benefits and results
 Keep it simple so that can it be
remembered and used
Core message points:
1. What need or challenge do you address? (One sentence)
2. What is your solution or approach? (One sentence)
3. What benefits or results do you create? (One sentence)
Summarize these into your core message, using just three short sentences: