Ecosystem Overview - Inspired Soul Path

Find Your Happy – Week One Synopsis
 Define what happiness means for you
Example: When I am experiencing genuine happiness I feel a deep peace and contentment.
Ecosystem Overview
Connection – Your relationships and community. The degree of positive engagement and interaction with
others in your life. The ability to foster connection to support your well being. Most closely associated with
the 4th and 5th chakras.
Meaning – Your connection to a higher power, internal peace, connection to higher Self, awareness and
use of your subtle energy. The connection to passion for some aspect of life. Most closely associated with
the 7th chakra.
Flow– The ability to be completely present in the moment. There is a merging with what ever your focused
on often characterized with an absence of thought, emotion or sense of time. Most closely associated with
the 6th chakra
Accomplishment – The pursuit of something worthy of your time, effort and growth it could be your
work, earning pathway, use of skills and talents, career ladder. This is both an internal and external
recognition. Most closely associated with the 2nd & 3 rd chakras.
Positive Emotion – Your perception and ability to tap into states that feel good to you. Your emotional
health, feelings, self-esteem, confidence, stress management skills. Most closely associated with the 1st &
3rd chakras.
 Brain Science
 Brain is constantly changing
o Built for speed
o Oxygen and glucose help neurons fire and activate genes
o Neurons that fire together wire together = neural pathways
o Your mind shapes your brain, especially conscious thought
o There is a negativity bias and a when people reach 3 positive moments to 1
negative one they begin to thrive
 Appreciation is an excellent way to increase positive moments.
 Appreciation is thankful recognition – sharing it makes it more powerful
 Fear and scarcity or ‘not enough’ hinders our ability to appreciate, recognizing and
acknowledging it decreases the power it has
 Be present in the moment, look for things to appreciate, begin and end the day in
 Energetic Hygiene
 Clears/processes the unseen- subtle energy, thoughts, belief patterns
 Regular unplugging from tour mental chatter through meditation, visualization, prayer,
etc. helps to clear away mental clutter
 Clearing your energy field helps move sluggish energy, try energetic showering during
your regular shower
 Integration
 Make your Happy list- post where you are reminded daily to choose at least one happy item
for the day, generate momentum by sharing in the Facebook group
 Before letting your feet hit the ground in the morning shift your mind to a happy place
 Gratitude- daily choose something new each day that your grateful for and share your
appreciation for it- could be spoken, written, public or private
 Be kind first to yourself then to someone else each day
Gratitude Ideas (adjust to fit your style)
1) Post words or photos in your home or work space, (or on social media) This is a great way to get yourself
started and keep yourself motivated. Place the items where you’ll see them often, and then let them remind you
to stop and be grateful.
2) Gratitude journal: This is the most common gratitude practice, and one of the most effective according to
research but important to customize it to suit your style. Get yourself a journal and write down 3-5 different things
you are grateful for. You can do this each night before bed, or even just once a week, but do it regularly. It’s not
how often you do it that counts—it’s how regularly and how sincerely.
3) Set an alarm – at regular intervals during the day to stop for 30 seconds and appreciate where you are, who
your with or simply your breath.
4 Make gratitude part of exercise or a daily routines: On my morning walk I take a few minutes to appreciate my
body working well, the scenery, what I have scheduled for the day. This also works great when you’re driving.
5) Say “Thank You” more often. Just start saying it to others and to yourself. Everyone likes to be thanked.
6) Write Thank You Notes. When someone touches your heart, write them a note letting them know.
7) Text a message of thanks. “Thanks for making the bed today!” “I am so grateful to have you in my life!” Quick
and Easy. Feels great for you and the recipient.
8 ) Share a word for the day. Text a friend, post on social media, write it on a post it note, a single word to capture
something your grateful for Grateful for - beauty
9) “Three Blessings” Exercise: Share three blessings you experience each day.
10) Acknowledge one ungrateful thought per day and then replace it with a grateful one: After you catch
yourself thinking, “She never does what she’s supposed to!” breath deeply and add something grateful. “She really
is great at creating meeting minutes, though. And I know she’s trying.”