DNA Extraction Lab Summary Sheet

DNA Extraction Lab Summary Sheet
DIRECTIONS: Open this document in Word. Type your answers below using the Science Shoebox: DNA Extraction Lab
PowerPoint and the procedures you carried out complete the following lab summary. Expand or shrink text boxes as
necessary. To turn this lab in choose one of the following: print at home, bring to school on a flash drive and print OR
email to [email protected] This summary will be graded and recorded as your lab grade.
Extract the 10 procedural steps from the PowerPoint and record them in the box below. Number your steps,
use your own words and do not copy and paste. (10 pts)
2. Of course all of the procedural steps are necessary to view DNA. What two steps are critical to view DNA with
the naked eye? INCLUDE in your answer a description of cell structure and/or DNA structure which makes these
two steps critical. (4pts)
3. What two membranes must be broken to release your DNA? EXPAIN how detergent helped accomplish this
task. (5pts)
In step 5 you add meat tenderizer to your mixture. PREDICT what would happen to your results if you forgot
this important step. (2pts)
EXPLAIN how you would use meat tenderizer in the kitchen. Use the definition of the word ENZYME in your
answer. How is use of meat tenderizer in the kitchen comparable to using meat tenderizer to extract DNA?
Describe what happened to your DNA as you collected it on your Q-tip. Make a statement about the quantity
that appears in your test tube versus what you see on your Q-tip. (3pts)
7. Gregor Mendel is considered the father of modern genetics. With regards to Mendel, why is it ironic that we
used pea plants to view DNA? You may need to do a short search to help you answer or recall previous
instruction regarding Mendel. (1pt)
8. The density of water is 1 g/cm3 and the density of alcohol is .78 g/cm3. Make a statement about the density of
DNA if it prefers to sit in the alcohol layer in this experiment. (1pt)
9. INSERT A PICTURE of your DNA in the box below. (10pts)
10. I have returned my DNA Extraction Kit:
10 pts
Total Points Earned
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