Exposed: The Truth About Feta Cheese

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Exposed: The Truth About Feta Cheese
What consumers need to know about selecting, storing and cooking with feta cheese
London, UK – 19 May 2014: Urbangrains, the London-based Mediterranean food brand, announced
today the release of their new guide “The Essential Buyers Guide to Feta Cheese”.
The guide is one publication of many created by Urbangrains with the help of nutritionist and food
scientists aiming to educate and inform consumers on how to select feta cheese.
“Feta is gaining popularity in the U.K. and abroad, and consumers are looking for it as an alternative to
yellow cheeses. Its sharp, salty taste and unique characteristics make it an important element of the
Mediterranean cuisine” stated Nikol Theodorou, Urbagrains’ Managing Director.
“However, with the sea of options, consumers really do not know the difference between real feta
cheese and a salty white cheese which is not feta. We created this guide as a roadmap to discerning
consumers who value their health” continues Ms. Theodorou.
The 24-pages guide covers:
Short History of Feta on page 5
What you need to ask before purchase on page 8
Storage & Refrigeration, page 10
Antibiotic-Free Milk, page 11
How Feta Cheese is Made, on page 12
Creative Cooking with PDO Feta, on page 19
Consumers that are looking to learn more about choosing the best feta for their dietary needs can
download the guide from this link: XXX
About Urbangrains:
Urbangrains is your everyday imaginative brand of food essentials, offering a range of artisan, often
unusual foods.
Driven by our own devotion to know our food origins, we have teamed up with like-minded local
producers who stay true to their craftsmanship.
Pure raw ingredients are blended together into exceptional delicacies, always hand-processed with
utmost care - containing no artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives - and this is our promise to
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