Contract to Host an IJBCA Indiana`s Finest Show

Contract to Host an IJBCA Indiana’s Finest Show
Please complete the following form and return it to Bailey Farrer, 6891 W CR 325 N
Royal Center, IN 46978 at least 30 days prior to date of show or email to
Name of show to be sanctioned:
Date of show to be sanctioned:
Location of show to be sanctioned:
Name of potential judge for show:
Name of person applying for sanctioning:
Contact information for person applying (address, phone # and email):
Special Notes:
1. There is a $100 per show sanction fee if committed before December 1st. If show
commits after December 1st the show sanction fee is $150. Please make check
payable to IJBCA and include it with this application.
2. IJBCA will award sanctions to shows that are in good standing from prior year
3. Failure to comply with IJBCA sanctioning and rules may result in dismissal from
the IJBCA Indiana’s Finest show circuit.
By signing below, I agree to uphold the rules of the IJBCA Indiana’s Finest and intend to
host a show according to the guidelines outlined in this document.
Signature of Applicant
Office Use Only
Date Received:
Cash or Check #:
Contract to Host an IJBCA Indiana’s Finest Show
This contract is between IJBCA and Show Coordinator/Administer/Administrator. By
signing this contract both parties (IJBCA and Show) agree to the following criteria:
The Show will:
1. Host a show for exhibitors between the ages of 3rd grade and 21 as of January 1,
2. Conduct show in relationship with IJBCA guidelines.
A. Showmanship will be based on four divisions.
Novice – 3rd grade to 10 years of age
Junior – 11 to 13 years of age
Intermediate – 14 to 16 years of age
Senior – 17 to 21 years of age
a. Place a top five in each age division listed above.
B. Type classes based on breed or weight.
Class – 1st place to last in class
Include Breed Champions and Reserve Breed Champions
a. Must include the following breeds for points. It is up to the show to
decided if prize money will be awarded for each breed or class.
b. Heifers- Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Hereford, Maine-Anjou,
Maintainer, Shorthorn, Shorthorn Plus, Simmental, Percentage
Simmental, AOB, and Crossbred
c. Steers- Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Hereford, Maine-Anjou,
Shorthorn, Simmental, AOB, and Crossbred
Include Top Five Heifers and Top Five Steers
a. When selecting the Top Five allow all reserves to come back into
the drive until the five have been selected.
3. Submit completed results to Anna Krieger within five days of the show. Send to
PO Box 145 Universal, IN 47884 or email to
The IJBCA will:
1. Post your show entry form and show results on our website.
2. List your show date on our Calendar of Events.
3. Calculate points for your show.
4. Provide you with a list of current IJBCA members prior to the show.
5. Provide guidance and assistance as needed or requested.
6. Provide by-laws and show rules for conducting your show.
7. Provide at least one member from the IJBCA Board of Directors at your show.