Rape Culture

Motion 1: Rape Culture and Victim Blaming on Campus
Proposer: Megan Denise Smith
This Union Notes:
1. That rape culture and victim blaming is growing in universities at a national
level and is enhanced by media catering to ‘lad culture.’ (NUS ‘Hidden Marks’
2. That 1 in 7 women students are victims of sexual assault or violence (NUS
‘Hidden Marks’ survey).
3. According to an NUS survey, 43 percent of women students who did not
report it said they thought they would be blamed.
This Union Believes:
1. The normalization of sexist attitudes and rape culture have serious
repercussions, from discouraging women from reporting sexual assault to
ultimately encouraging it.
2. There needs to be greater awareness amongst Kingston students of what
rape, sexual violence and harassment actually are and what factors
contribute to them.
3. KUSU should promote a positive viewpoint on women, including societies
and sports.
4. Media that perpetuates rape culture and victim blaming is detrimental to
women’s representation and safety on campus and against the values, such
as safe space and equality, which KUSU supports.
5. Normalization of rape culture is distressing for students who may have
suffered some form of sexual assault before.
6. Women should not have to take precautions to avoid being raped or sexually
7. Those who place victims at fault for rape are not supportive of KUSU’s
mission and values.
This Union Resolves:
1. To lobby the university against media and any sexual violence campaigns
which perpetuate rape culture and victim blaming.
2. To prevent the proliferation of rape culture and victim blaming within all
areas of KUSU by ensuring all events, promotions, activities and campaigns
do not support or condone sexist attitudes or victim blaming.
3. To lobby the university against private companies advertising events that
contribute towards rape culture and victim blaming on our campus.
4. To give a no platform to any suggestion that rape is excusable and add rape
apology to the KUSU no platform policy.