Sexual Assault cases on college campuses

Sexual Assault cases on
college campuses
By Kira Doughten
Big Questions
Are college’s administrators and their police
putting the victims best interests in mind or the
reputation of the school?
Are student athletes or students on academic
scholarships getting special treatment when
they are accused of sexual assault?
What is our schools policy on sexual assault, and
is it enough?
How can we encourage more women to come
forward about their assaults?
My Claim
Sexual assault cases are poorly
handled by college
administrators and should be
handled by the local police.
Hannah Graham
 In 2011 Northeastern University let Katherine Rizzo’s rapist transfer to the
University of Maryland before an appeal hearing with only ‘pending
disciplinary action’ on his transcript.
 Brandon Austin was accused of rape in 2013 at Providence College,
transferred to the University of Oregon that January, accused of gang rape
at this school, then transferred to Northwest Florida State with a scholarship
this past July.
 Two students athletes accused of rape at Virginia Wesleyan were expelled,
but able to transfer to other schools while staying NCAA eligible.
 Hope Brinn was preparing for a disciplinary hearing with an accused
student athlete when she got a phone call that the trial would not happen
because the accused had transferred to ASU.
 In 2011, the federal government mandated a ramped-up sexual assault
adjudication process at colleges.
 Was then criticized for being “stacked against the accused”
 Title IX is federal law, but gives no specific ways to handle cases, only that
“colleges need a policy when handling cases” and says nothing about
involving the police
 In 2013, 35% of rape was reported to the police, while only 5% of rape on
college campuses was reported.
Rampo college students charged with
sexual assault
What can we do?
Schools should immediately contact the
police to file a formal report on the sexual
Integrate college rape hearings with law
Ensure women that their voice matters
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