A11­1UsingVariablesWritingExpressions.notebook September 02, 2015 Variables Algebra 1

Algebra 1
Ch.1 Notes Page 9
P9 1­1 Using Variables and Writing Expressions
September 02, 2015
Variables are things that can CHANGE.
They can be Letters or Symbols in a problem.
Variables are just letters that take the
place of numbers in a problem.
X, Y, and Z are all Variables.
3x + 4y + 12z
Aug 25­4:28 PM
Aug 25­4:29 PM
Writing Expressions
Key Terms
Sum, Difference, Product, Quotient, Is, Equals
More than, Less than, Increased by, Decreased by, Etc...
Write Expression for the following statements.
1. 3 more than a number
2. 1/2 of a number plus 2
3. 2 less than 7 times a number
Aug 22­7:44 AM