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Dr B.
PURPOSE: To investigate the complexity of folding patterns and addressing questions in
structure/function which remain unclear through a gaming program called Through computer
science gaming, students will be manipulating the folding patterns of proteins to gain an attempt at
understanding an area which is often poorly understood. Standards: 5.3.12.A.1, 5.3.12.A.3, 5.1.12.D.1
Each person is responsible for the information below but you can submit one set of questions per
group. Make sure everybody’s name is on it.
Part I: Use the website below to explore and answer the following questions
Question 1: How does the polypeptide behave in an aqueous (water) environment? How do hydrophobic and
hydrophilic amino acids behave differently?
Question 2: How do the amino acids arrange differently when the polypeptide is allowed to fold in oil as
opposed to water?
Question 3: What pattern of interaction do you observe between the amino acids? Keep in mind that adjacent
amino acids are connected by strong covalent peptide bonds. Consider the interactions that occur between
amino acids that do not share a peptide bond.
Part II: Fold it computer program:
Please take turns using this.
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