Ch. 5 Study Guide (Protein Structure)

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Ch. 5 Study Guide (Protein Structure)
1. Proteins are polymers composed of _________________ ___________________.
2. Draw an amino acid. Label the carboxyl group, the amino group, and the R group.
3. What makes one amino acid different from another amino acid?
4. What determines how an amino acid will interact with other amino acids in a protein chain?
5. How many different amino acids are found in proteins?
6. Draw a polypeptide and label the peptide bonds.
7. What determines the primary structure of a protein?
8. What determines the secondary structure of a protein?
a. What causes alpha helices?
b. What causes beta sheets?
9. What determines the tertiary structure of a protein?
10. What gives a protein quaternary structure?
11. Describe the quaternary structure of hemoglobin.