Anglo Saxon Newsletter

The Saxons and their way of life.
Daily Life
The Daily Basis for the Anglo
The Saxons Serve
Religion Revolution
The Anglo Saxons
live in one room houses
with a hearth of fire for
cooking, heating and light,
and a metal cooking pot.
The used a loom to weave
wool cloth. The skills that
the Saxons put to use were
the smith made iron tools,
knives, and swords, the
wood workers made wood
bowls, furniture, etc.,
Potters made pottery from
clay, shoemakers made
leather boots, and jewelers
made brooches.
Bretwalda ruled five
kingdoms. Sutton Hoo is a site in
Suffolk, England, of a king’s
ship burial. King Offa made
“Offa Pennies” and an earthen
wall and ditch for defense along
the border, which he was
credited with. Also, the two
classes of freedmen in Anglo
Saxon society were the thanes
and slaves.
The Saxons Strike
The most feared Anglo
Saxon weapon was the sword.
The fyrd was filled with soldiers
because the king could make a
freedman join. Also, the Vikings
attacked the English Monasteries
to steal gold and treasures. Did u
know the warrior code was, die
to defend the leader?
Charms were used in
the Anglo Saxon pagan
religion to protect from evil
spirits or sickness. Their
bodies were buried in the
Anglo Saxon graves. St.
Patrick was given credit for
bringing Christianity to the
Anglo Saxons. A historian
is for what Bede is
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