Of Mice and Men Research Project

Of Mice and Men Research Project
PART ONE - Research
You are about to read the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.
This project will help introduce you to the author, the time period,
and a few important topics that come up in the story.
Assignment: Working either alone or with a partner, you are to create a
Presentation on one of the topics that is important to understand about
the book Of Mice and Men. The specific criteria you must complete for
the presentation will come at a later time. For now, you need to focus on
identifying your topic and researching.
Process and due dates:
Step in Process
Approved Topic – After you choose a topic with your
partner, you must have it approved by the teacher
Research and Note-Taking – Create note cards in the
style discussed in class. (Must have 4 sources minimum,
1 must be a book, and 1 must be Of Mice and Men- 2
note cards for each source.)
Works Cited – must be created in APA format.
Outline – done in the format discussed in class
Power Point and Presentation
Classwork Grades:
- Note cards
- Works Cited
- Outline
Due Date
Due 3/10
Note Cards due 3/18
Due 3/30
Due 4/1
Due 4/6
Project Grade:
- Power Point
- Presentation Quality (This includes
the professionalism and
confidence of the presenters.)
Topics to choose from:
(These must be verified by the teacher BEFORE you begin your research.)
- John Steinbeck
- The Great Depression in California
- Salinas Valley, California
- Mental Retardation
- Lives of Migrant Farm Workers in the 1930’s
- Dust Bowl
- Naturalism in literature
- Mercy Killings
- Hobos (especially during the Great Depression)
**If you have another topic in mind that you think is relevant to the novel, ask me for
Guidelines for PowerPoint presentation: You must cover 4 major points of the
topic you chose. Based on your research, you will come to find reoccurring
facts/issues that are crucial to that topic. After the 4 major points, you must
incorporate your topic into the novel Of Mice and Men. How does the topic
you chose relate to the novel? After your research, how did it help you
understand the novel better?
BE CREATIVE!!!! You can use pictures, songs, short videos, interesting facts, a
worksheet, etc.
Note Cards: Here’s an example of how yours should look. For page reference, if
it’s a website you can put the title of the article you have.