HSTV Receives Pedigree Grant, Keeps Dogs in Homes

Humane Society Receives PEDIGREE Grant, Keeps Dogs in Homes
Old and new dogs are learning new tricks through the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley's (HSTV) new
dog training program aimed at KEEPING dogs in homes and out of shelters.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 26, 2015- HSTV operates under the motto: Adopt, Spay, Keep. Keep means
providing Solutions to circumstances that may lead someone to relinquish their pet to a shelter. HSTV's
new training program provides training assistance to adopters and the general public through several
services. Available assistance includes a help hotline, in-home consultations, and training classes
instructed by certified trainers at HSTV's facility on Kingston Pike. "We know a little help can make the
difference between a dog staying in a home and coming back to a shelter," says Katie Crossen of HSTV.
The program began as an effort to provide support classes to help adopters get over the humps of
adjusting to a new pet such as potty-training a puppy or teaching big dogs not to jump. However,
through community requests and conversations with owners surrendering their dogs a need for basic
training classes was recognized.
In the fall of 2014 HSTV was awarded the PEDIGREE Foundation Innovation Grant for its enrichment and
dog training programs. Since then, HSTV have implemented several changes to its enrichment and dog
training programs that allow the organization to better meet the mental and physical needs of its dogs
and prepare them for successful adoptions. From there, the organization is able to help adopters and
the general public connect and communicate with their dogs. Through these services HSTV trainers
have already helped numerous frustrated dog owners considering surrendering their dog to a shelter
communicate with their dogs and overcome bad habits and obedience issues.
The PEDIGREE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides grants to organizations
that help dogs in need. Since 2008, the Foundation has distributed nearly $5 million through 4,191
grants. To learn more about the PEDIGREE Foundation go to www.pedigreefoundation.org.
For information about HSTV's training services visit www.humanesocietytennessee.com or call 865-5739675.
Contact: Amber Mullins, Communications Manager
Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley
865-573-9675 ext. 108
[email protected]
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