DIRECTED ACTIVITY PLAN- Stanley’s Stick- Guess what?
Week beginning:
Essential / Key Skills
LNF skills- red- rec, blue-yr1, purple-yr2, black- all
Show they have listened to others
Use words, phrases and simple sentences
Memorise stories
Ask questions about something that has been said
Take part in activities alongside others
Convey meaning through pictures and mark making
Include some detail and relevant vocabulary to extend their
ideas or accounts
Retell narratives
Show understanding of what they have heard by asking
Follow a form modelled by the teacher
Extend their ideas or accounts by sequencing what they say
Retell narratives
Listen to others with concentration understanding the main
Follow a structure in their writing with support
Speak audibly
Use direct comparisons with – length, height, weight
Use everyday and mathematical language to talk about their
own ideas and choices
Transfer mathematical skills to play and activities
Skills Framework 3 - 19
Developing Thinking
Thinking logically and seeing patterns
Activating prior skills, knowledge and understanding
Choose from given options what to do
and how to do it.
Generate imaginative ideas and
Begin to experiment with own and others’ideas.
Developing ICT
Begin to develop information and ideas, combining
text and images.
Use given ICT resources to help create, present
and safely share their ideas, including text/wordbanks,images.
Intended Learning Outcomes:
Starting Point: Re-cap the story of ‘ Stanley’s Stick’ .
Focus Activity: Mindmap of how Stanley used his stick in red pen, extend with ideas of our own in a different colour. In pairs think, pair, share an idea for your
stick. Collect suitable stick and create your item or being. Can use resources from the outdoors to decorate or enhance. Share your ideas with the group.
Extension ideas- Draw your object or being, describe its use, bring alive with speech bubbles, create a story, a page for a class book- focus on each page in the
book, take photographs of item, film using ipads – I can animate
Further lines of development
Use your ideas in the environment eg puppet theatre, small world,
Writing scripts
Create own displays enhancing background for your creation.
Assessment opportunities / Observations
Assessment opportunities/ observations
Do they apply maths/literacy skills taught in different situations?
Explanations and descriptions of their objects- oral or written according to
Vocabulary incl Everyday Welsh
Imagination, description, character,
Curriculum Cymreig
Flintshire Foundation Phase Team 2013