Litter picking

Spring 1
Natural environments
L.O: about ways in which living things and the environment need
Discuss ways humans affect our local area in a negative way
(environment and wild life). What ideas do the chn already have? Look
at images on the IWB to show the various ways humans can affect the
local environment.
Ideas include:
Contaminating the water supply
Insects and animals getting trapped
Animals eating rubbish
Making the area look untidy
Dangers to humans e.g. glass
Pollution from cars etc.
TPS how we could help prevent these issues? Discuss the chn ideas.
Explain, today we are going to collect litter in Belfairs wood to
improve and protect our local area.
Discuss safety:
Always use a litter picker
Don’t pick up glass/needles etc
General road safety
All: To collect litter from our local area. (Belfairs wood)
Discuss with the chn the importance of recycling when
collecting the litter. In groups chn should have both black
refuse sacks and pink recycling bags.
Photograph as evidence for books
EXT: Design a poster to encourage others in the school not
to drop litter.
Key Stage 3
Discuss the amount of litter
Why is it wrong to drop litter?
How else should we be caring
for our environment?
Walking or taking a
bus when possible
Using local produce