SGA Minutes Week 1- Winter Term 13 December 2011 Roll Call

SGA Minutes
Week 1- Winter Term
13 December 2011
Roll Call
Approval of Minutes
a. Wood
b. Marion-Burton
Treasurer’s Report
a. $7892.70 current budget
Secretary’s Report
Speaker’s Report
Habitat for Humanity Contingency
a. As we granted Habitat no funds when they previously requested
about $9000 for their Spring break trip and Darrin Good covered
the cost, we would like to reimburse them the $2875
b. Marion-Burton moves to approve $2875
c. Treichel seconds
d. Wood moves to open debate
e. Latt seconds
f. Wood- This will set a great example for SGA as to how we can
cooperate with fellow Augie organizations which provide funds to
g. Treichel- This is great and it will decrease the chance of other
groups asking the Senate for funds
h. Dahlke- Moves to close debate
i. Marion-Burton seconds
j. Treichel puts the questions
k. White seconds
l. Bagnuolo moves for a roll call vote
m. Groeper seconds
n. 25-0-0 Motion passes
SAGA Contingency
a. White moves to approve the full amount of
b. Bagnuolo seconds
c. Onumah to open debate
d. Latt Seconds
e. Onumah- The most frustrating thing about this body is that we
pass a lot of contingencies that don’t seem to truly matter for the
Augustana community at large. This, however, is perhaps the first
of recent member that is actually important to the Augie
community at large. SAGA is an important part of this entire
campus as opposed to those contingencies who only benefit 10,
f. Latt- do they really need 550 copies? Perhaps they should chose
between quality and quantity
g. Treichel- I agree with Senator Latt. This is an organization that we
should support however 550 copies is a lot. Perhaps we should
support them and approve funding for 400 copies.
h. Treichel moves to amend that we approve funding for 400 copies
i. Latt seconds
j. Groeper- We should take into consideration the different factors
included in printing as they mentioned.
k. Zheng- We should approve the full amount. I work for SAGA and in
the Fall there were many cuts in great work based on poor
l. Hilbert- They have provided themselves a cusion as they don’t
know how many magazines they can publish with this amount. This
is providing students with good oppourtunity so we shouldn’t cut
their funds.
m. Wood- Something like a literary/art magazine is essential to the
Liberal Arts education and this new amount of 400 copies seems
arbitrary as we don’t know what the printing cost would end up
being as many publishers give cheaper prices for bulk orders.
n. Dahlke- SAGA is good and we shouldn’t limit their number of
copies, the more the better. They go quickly already and we
shouldn’t limit their numbers of copies
o. Funke- We should not be taking away money from this, they’ve
already decreased their printing quantity and their doing their best
to keep costs down and it benefits the entire campus.
p. Wickiser- Against reducing this amount, it’s not our place to say
how many magazines they’ll need.
q. Moves to put to question
r. Onumah objects
s. Onumah- My issue with the amendment is that we’re punishing
SAGA for poor budgetary decisions that we’ve made as a body. This
is essential to Augustana as a community. More students benefit
from the publishing of SAGA than most of the recent contingencies
of approval.
t. Triechelu. Bagnuolo moves to put the question
v. Wickiser seconds
w. Marion-Burton moves for a roll call vote
x. Hale seconds
y. 1-23-1 amendment fails
z. Wood moves to end debate
aa. Treichel objects
bb. Treichel moves to recommend that the Art department is asked to
help SAGA with printing costs
cc. Latt seconds
dd. Onumah puts the question
ee. Dahlke seconds
ff. Onumah moves for a voice vote
gg. Bagnuolo seconds
hh. Division is called
ii. Roll Call vote
jj. 23-2-0 amendment passed
kk. Wood moves to end debate
ll. Reinacher seconds
Bagnuolo put the question
nn. Marion- Burton for rall call
oo. Wood seconds
pp. Unanimous, motion passes, granting SAGA $2513
VIII. Committees
Committee Reports
a. Student Activities- SloughAu coming up. Contacting WAUG and
OSA. Considering SloughAu shirts for SGA members. Also
considering corporate sponsorship
b. PR- Nothing to report
c. Campus and Community- Tutoring day coming up on Thursday at
Presbyterian Church on 7th. Send Devon an email if you’re
interested. Cool Beanz event contingency coming up
d. Campus Improvements- Discussion on Public Safety with Dean
Campbell, Audrey Adamson, Tom Phillis, John Bagnuolo and ____
on Sunday March 18 at 7 PM in Olin Auditorium
e. Adminstrative Liaison- Week 2 meeting with Dean Lawrence, Week
3 with Dean Campbell
Vice President’s Report
a. Unity items being ordered
President’s Report
a. LU and Dance Marathon were supposed to come tonight but didn’t
so they’re coming up
b. Anime Club requesting about $1500 next week
c. Observer also on docket for next week
d. Elections- sending out applications via email within the week
e. Election committee members are those who can be contacted for
Campaign like “stuff” and we need 4, preferably not Executive
Board and Seniors. We will pull out of a hat and notify you via
f. Answer the cell phone number in student directory survery!
XII. Announcements
a. Onumah- 2 resolutions to come before the Senate soon
a. Wood
b. Marion-Burton