Student unit description - men and women nothing but

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Mrs Eckstein / Grade 9 EAP
Unit 3
Men and Women: Nothing but the Facts
In this unit we will:
Interpret graphs and statistics using subject specific vocabulary
Compare and contrast data using appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures
Describe and analyse tables
Write a compare and contrast essay
- “A woman’s place is in the Home”
- “A man or woman who stays at home to raise children does not need a degree.”
- “Boys and girls should be encouraged to play with the same toys when they are
- “Fathers need to be as involved in their children’s lives as their mothers are.”
Practice grammar
- Contrasting verb tenses
- Subject/verb agreement
Learn vocabulary
- Each week there will be vocabulary test (Monday). You will be given the words the
week before in the form of a worksheet. This worksheet must be completed and
submitted before your test.
- Vocabulary is also available on and you can practice you word lists
before your class test on Monday.
Be assessed
- Using the Language B criteria.
- Assessments will be oral, written and also reading.
Core Texts
- Reason To Write: Strategies for success in academic writing. Robert F. Cohen & Judy L.
- 504 Absolutely Essential Words. Barons