French 7th grade Intro to French Class

French 7th grade
Intro to French Class- Textbook Scavenger Hunt
Mme. Blackburn
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Text Book Scavenger Hunt
Your Discovering French Nouveau Bleu French text book will be used often in class. It has some
invaluable resources that you can use at home to help you find answers to questions you may
have. This is a Scavenger Hunt to help you get to know your French text book. Using your text
book, answer the questions below.
1. On what pages is the Table of Contents? (roman numeral page #s) iii-x
2. In 7th grade, we cover the 1st half of the textbook. Using the Table of Contents, how many units does
that mean we will cover this year?
3. Using the Table of Contents, write the titles of the units we will cover this year:
1. Faisons Connaissance
2. La Vie Courante
3. Qu’est-ce qu’on fait?
4. Le Monde Personnel et familier
4. Units are divided by Leçons. What are the names of the 12 leçons we will be studying this year?
7Une boum
2Famille et Copains
8Un concert de musique africaine
3Bon appétit
9Les personnes et les objets
4De jour en jour
10Vive la différence
5Mes activités
11Le copain de Mireille
6Une invitation
12La voiture de Roger
5. Page 17- What are the names of the accent marks used in French?
* l’accent aigu é
* l’accent grave è
* l’accent circonflexe
* le tréma
* la cédille
6. What is in the yellow boxes in each chapter?
Vocabulaire du leçon
7. What is in the purple boxes in each chapter? Pronunciation
8. What is in the green boxes in each chapter? Grammaire
9. What is in the light blue boxes in each chapter? Notes culturelles
10. Leçon 9 page 142- how do you say “Yes, it works?” “Oui, il/elle marche.”
11. Leçon 7 page 101- what vowel pronunciations are being taught?
I et U
12. Leçon 10 pg 156- how does one say “I do not have a bike”? “Je n’ai pas de vélo.”
13. Leçon 3 page 52 - Since when has the euro been the currency of France? 2002
French 7th grade
Intro to French Class- Textbook Scavenger Hunt
Mme. Blackburn
14. Vocabulaire Guides for each unit are found at the end of each unit. Use Unit 4’s vocab guide to find
the following translations:
Classmate : une commarade
Portable CD player: un baladeur
There is a very useful Section de Référence in the back of the book after page 417. The following
questions will pertain to this Reference section.
15. On which reference page is the world map?
16. List 7 French-speaking countries (other than France);
If Quebec is given, it is not a correct
 Luxembourg / le Luxembourg
answer (not a country- it’s a province of a
 Switzerland / la Suisse
country). It is, however, an important
 Algeria / l’Algérie
French-speaking region.
 Morocco / le Maroc
 Canada / le Canada (Quebec / le
 Tunisia / la Tunisie
 Senegal / le Sénégal
 Haiti / Haïti
 Ivory Coast / la Côte d’Ivoire
 (Martinique / la Martinique)
 Democratic Republic of Congo / la
 (Guadeloupe / la Guadeloupe)
République Démocratique du
 (French Guiana / la Guyane
 Madagascar / Madagascar
 Belgium / la Belgique
17. On what reference page is the map of France? R4
18. Name 5 cities of France you see on the map.
Lille LeHavre
Caen Versailles
Paris Nancy Strasbourg
Vichy Annecy
Lyon Clerment-Ferrand Grenoble
Albi Nîmes
Montpellier Marseille
Nice Cannes
19. What Appendix is on page R7 ? Les Numéros
20. On what reference page can you find the appendix for verb conjugations of Regular Verbs (such
as parler)? R8
21. On what page does the French-English Glossary begin? R13
22. On what page does the English-French Glossary begin?
23. Use the vocab glossary to define “tenth” dixième
24. What resource is on page R49? Index
25. Throughout the units, you’ll see other practice aids and sources of information. (À Votre tour!
(Your Turn!), Tests de contrôle, Entracte). There’s also an online test prep website for practice as
well. Did you find it in your book? Write it here:
If you’ve finished before everyone else, take a gander through the book to find out what cool
French knowledge you’re going to gain this year!
French 7th grade
Answer Key
Intro to French Class- Textbook Scavenger Hunt
Mme. Blackburn