Spanish II. General verb tense practice

Monday, May 5th
Spanish II. General Verb Tense Practice
*Objective: SWBAT demonstrate knowledge of verb conjugation in all tenses learned so far
*Evaluation: Formative
*National Standards: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 3.1, 4.1, 5.2
I. Review/Preview
*Focus – Pass out and go over all tenses on the newest reference guide
*Warm up – Students will translate a sample sentence for each tense
*Review warm up + Conversation– Review one sentence for each tense and answer questions
II. Skill Using
*Go over the directions for the verb game/El Ganador, La Ganadora
*Students play the game in their cooperative learning teams/record answers
*Once there is a winner, the team calls me over to give the winner bonus points
*When team has a winner, write one more sentence for each tense that is personal and true/no hair
vocabulary/Do on the back of the game board
III. Closure
*Review a personal sentence in each verb section
*Señora game
*Final Comprehension check – I give a situation and students tell me what tense
IV. Independent Practice – Write 40 conjugations from English to Spanish with the verbs on the game
board – Ex. I swam – nadé, they used to write – escribían, you will steal – robarás, she would learn aprendería
V. Beyond the Classroom
*Internet - find games to play with the various tenses
VI. Materials
*Game board, Lesson outline
Práctica con Los Tiempos de los Verbs (Practice With Verb Tenses)
La Guía de la Madre /Repaso de los Tiempos (The Mother Guide/Review of the Tenses)
Práctica Diaria – Translate the provided sentence for each tense.
El Presente - I work at a hair salon. _________________________________________________
El Presente Progresivo – She is looking at the rollers now. ______________________________________
El Pretérito – They trimmed my hair yesterday. ______________________________________________
El Imperfecto – We used to buy Suave shampoo. ____________________________________________
El Futuro – You will see his moustache tomorrow. ____________________________________________
El Condicional – I wouldn’t have sideburns. __________________________________________________
El Presente Perfecto – You guys (S,F) have never had a perm.___________________________________
III. Conversación – Voluntarios
1. ¿Dónde está tu peluquería?
2. ¿Tendrás un bigote en el futuro?
3. ¿Te has cepillado el pelo hoy?
IV. Partido – El Ganador/La Ganadora – Played in your cooperative learning teams
*The goal of today’s game is to show that you are able to conjugate in the various tenses.
***Everyone needs a personal playing piece
1. When it is your turn, roll the dice to determine the tense/1-presente, 2- presente progresivo, 3 –
pretérito, 4- imperfect, 5-futuro, 6-condicional, 7-presente perfecto
2. Roll one of the dice to determine the subject pronoun and the spaces to move/1,-yo, 2- tú, etc…
3. Move your playing piece, and then conjugate the verb you land on in the expected tense
4. Group decides and says, “correcto/no correcto.”
5. If you are not correct, you may not advance to that space on the board.
6. The first person to the winner circle, wins extra “puntos.”
7. Speak “mucho español.”
*Uno, dos, tres…. *Te toca a ti *Muy bien/Fantástico *Tú vas a ganar/perder
8. When someone has won, call me over to give the winner extra “puntos.”
9. When finished with the game, write two more personal sentences that are true and personal (hair
vocabulary not necessary) for each tense. Do this on the back of the game board.
***Keep Track of the translations in the space below!
Tiempo (Tense)
I will dance
V. Conclusión/Voluntarios/Frases Personales/Comprensión final