Sample ESL DLA

Directed Learning Activity: Making Yes/No Questions in the Present Tense
Time expected to complete: 30 minutes
Intended course level: NESL 302
Materials Needed: Worksheet and grammar book if needed
Objective: Students will practice writing yes/no questions in the present tense. After each question, they will
practice writing short responses.
Activity: Students will write twenty yes/no questions and appropriate short responses. Each sentence will have
a given subject the student must use. Students will use the verb expressions on the worksheet to make the
questions. Each expression should be used once. (Students can cross out an expression after they use it to avoid
confusion.) After each question, students will write an appropriate short response – either negative or
Review (10-20 minutes):
Review your work with your tutor.
1. Read out your questions and your short responses.
Tutor Feedback/Reflection:
_____ Student was prepared for meeting with the tutor.
_____ Student worked independently.
_____ Student completed DLA.
_____ Student may need further assistance.
Suggestions or comments:
Student Name ________________________________________
Date ___________________
Length of Session _______________
Tutor Signature ___________________________________
DLA Worksheet: Making Yes/No Questions in the Present Tense
Write Yes/No questions in the present tense about the following activities:
 go to bed early
● read the newspaper every day
 watch soap operas
● play the guitar
 carry a purse
● ride a bicycle
 work at night
● wear earrings
 have parties on the weekend
● wash the dishes
 take the bus
● exercise in the morning
 run in the park
● worry about money
 buy lottery tickets
● take care of children
 drink tomato juice
● wake up before 6 a.m.
 listen to the radio
● sing in the shower
 buy organic food
After each question, write an appropriate short answer. Use each of the verb expressions one time. You do not
have to use the verbs in the order they are listed.
(John) Does John buy organic food?
Yes, he does.
1. (You) ______________________________________________________________________________
2. (The girls) ___________________________________________________________________________
3. (Mrs. Gomez) ________________________________________________________________________
4. (We) _______________________________________________________________________________
5. (The family) _________________________________________________________________________
6. (Dr. King) ___________________________________________________________________________
7. (Pat and Mike) _______________________________________________________________________
8. (Your uncle) _________________________________________________________________________
9. (Her daughter) _______________________________________________________________________
10. (Our neighbors) ______________________________________________________________________
11. (She) ______________________________________________________________________________
12. (My friends and I) ____________________________________________________________________
13. (President Obama) ____________________________________________________________________
14. (Their mother) _______________________________________________________________________
15. (Mr. and Mrs. Chen) __________________________________________________________________
16. (Your brothers) ______________________________________________________________________
17. (His teacher) ________________________________________________________________________
18. (You and I) _________________________________________________________________________
19. (Our parents) ________________________________________________________________________
20. (Aunt Sally) _________________________________________________________________________