There`s An App For That

There’s An App For That…….
Since we can’t take the digital and technology components out of our students, how do we meet them
where they are at and teach them to use tech-saavy applications to help them be successful in an
academic setting? The following is a list of websites and Apps that promote academic success for
Iprocrastinate App – ($1.99) Smartphone application that allows you to create tasks
with due dates and prioritize tasks
2. MyHomework App – (FREE) smartphone application that allows you to add homework
assignments and due dates and then gives reminders and allows you to cross them off when
3. Wunderlist App – (FREE) smartphone application that allows you create To-Do lists and
tasks, recurring items and notifications – keeps a person on track and organized
4. iAnnotate PDF – ($4.99) Lets you annotate PDF, manage and share documents from your
iPad. Used for taking notes on lecture slides – choosing from pen, highlighter, typewriter,
stamps, notes, underline, voice-recording, etc to further annotate your document based on your
5. Duolingo – (FREE) Learn a new language or practice languages interactively through tests
and games.
6. BBC Language Tutorials – (FREE) Free lessons and online courses to learn languages:
7. Evernote – (FREE) All of your notes, ideas, images and tasks in one place – helps you
remember everything across all of the devices you use. Improves productivity.
8. Skitch – (part of Evernote premium which needs to be purchased $4.99 monthly) –allows you
to snap a picture of something that sparks your interest, mark it up with simple tools and send it
on in an instant.
9. Dropbox – (2GB Free) Lets you bring all of your photos, docs and videos anywhere and share
them easilty. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad,
and the web.
10. Inspiration Software, Inc – ($9.99) Visual thinking/Brainstorm App. To assist a
learner to better understand and retains information when ideas, words and concepts are
associated with images. Some common visual learning strategies include creating graphic
organizers, diagramming, mind mapping, outlining and more.
11. iMovie – (FREE with iOS device) make movies or videos that and then set up private
YouTube channel
12. Haiku Deck – (FREE) Access to 35 million free images that are copyright free as all photos
are cited
Implementation ideas for FY 101:
FY 101 Instructors could us the more creative applications such as Inspiration Software, Inc., or the
presentation applications for in class activities or assignments. They could also use the academic
organization apps as part of a module on academic success.