Free Write - Josie McNeely

1. What is this paper going to be about?
My inquiry project will be about the cultural
background of the individuals who built Grace Lower
Stone Church. I will talk about how particular social,
economical, and religious movements affected the backcountry at the time. Also, I will focus on how the church
handled financial disagreements and obstacles during
the time of construction. Another major point in my
essay will be how the American Revolution affected the
area of Rowan County and more specifically the early
congregation of Grace Lower Stone Church.
2. What is this paper really about?
The true meaning behind this paper is the faith and
heritage behind the development of Grace Lower Stone
Church. Currently the congregation is searching for a
new minister, so I believe it is important to return to
our roots to reconnect with why and how the church
became what it is today. Grace Lower Stone is rich in
history that is often forgotten in the modern day but
the bylaws and statement of faith established by our
founding fathers must be remembered in this critical
juncture in time for our place of worship.
3. What is the single most important thing I have come to
understand about my topic?
The most important aspect I have learned about my
topic is that we were never a part of the Lutheran faith
or the Organ Church congregation. Through an
interview with Aaron Kepley I discovered that Grace
Lower Stone and Organ Church shared a mutual
meeting house called the Hickory Church where both
congregations would alternate Sundays for worship.