Truth About Dog Breed

Charles J Kulesa
Dr. Wenderholm
ISC 110
There is a major problem with the view of the “aggressive” breeds of dogs such as the Doberman, Pitbull Terrier, German Shepard, and Rottweiler. I decided to compare National Dog Bite statistics from
1982 to 2006 and statistics on dog temperament of breeds done by the American Temperament Test
Society (ATTS). The picture painted by the ATTS is much different than the what the media would lead
us to believe about these breeds.
I displayed this as a one-to-many by acknowledging that for each breed tested by the ATTS that there
would be many bite statistics on them.
With the Entities used I felt it necessary to show both the dog number of dog attacks from over 20 years
along with how the several of the large breeds of dogs came out with the temperament test. Using the
primary key in the ATTS table as dog breeds, I was able to compare it to the ranking of perceived
aggression among the breeds I selected as a primary key in the dog bite statistics and a foreign key of
dog breed.
The Query I set up was to see a side by side comparison of all data used in both tables. It is important to
realize that while some dogs make media headlines when they attack that it is not because of the breed
that they are but rather how that dog was raised.
In summation we must Just the Deed NOT the Breed. Pit-bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and German
Shepards are unarguably strong dogs, they are not however by nature aggressive towards people. The
media will paint these breeds as killing machines when in actuality they make loving family pets who
would protect their owners to their last dying breath. As the owner of a Doberman and two young
daughters (who came into the picture when he was 3 years old) I acknowledge what he is capable of
doing. I also know that if my daughter wants to inspect his teeth (and this has happened) then she can
walk over lift his lips and look in while he sits there patiently waiting for her to finish his “dental work.”
These breeds are not for everyone and require a strong leader, and given one who loves them they will
show more love and loyalty than we could ever show them in return.
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