EXCEL 3. Open the table excel_3! Table contains the blood

Open the table excel_3!
Table contains the blood pressure values of dog breeds. The columns are the followings: Dog types, dog
breeds (dogs), ID, results of measurement.
Your task is the following:
1.  Sort the table by the ID numbers! The table should begin with the largest one!
2.  Type „Number of ID’s” into A35, then type a formula into B35, which counts them!
Type „Number of dog breeds” into A36, then type a formula into B36, which counts the dogs!
3.  Type „Guard dogs” into A37, then type a formula into B37, which counts the dog breeds in that
4.  Fill the E2:E43 range with a formula, which prints „Hypertension”, if the first column of result was
at least 170, and prints „Normal”, if the result was lesser than 170!
5.  In D35 and E35 calculate the average of the results!
6.  In the range of D36:E37 insert formulas which show the highest and the lowest blood pressure
values! (Hint: use the max() and min() functions)
In D38 and E38 calculate the average results of Hunting dogs!
8.  The averages should have 2 decimal digits only!
9.  The cells containing ID numbers and dog types should be aligned to the center! Draw a green border
around them!
10.  Dog breeds should be blue, on yellow background!
11.  Dog breeds should be Arial, bold and italic!
12. Merge the D1 and E1 cells!
13.  Go to Sheet2! Rename the sheet2! Type the following table on the same position, where you can see
it on this sample:
14.  Format the numbers on the same way, you can see above!
15.  Create a column chart above the table:
Title should be „Trade in the first quarter”!
Change the colour of the title!
Legend should be visible on the bottom left corner!
Food1 should be red!
Change the background of the chart (Insert a picture)!