Post vaccination patient leaflet SW

Post vaccination patient leaflet
Influenza vaccine is very safe and problems following administration are
uncommon. Most are trivial and serious problems are extremely rare. It is
important to get the protection you need this season against the flu virus.
For your own record today you received:
Flu vaccine
Please share this information with your GP surgery to complete your
records there.
After care advice
Although the majority of people experience no side effects some may experience
different reactions. Some of the commonest symptoms can be dealt with
successfully at home. You may find the following after care advice useful below.
You may experience the following symptoms for a day or two. Anything more than
this or prolonged symptoms seek further advice from your pharmacist, NHS direct
or GP.
Local tenderness. This may occur at the site of any injection. It should be
treated with simple analgesia, such as paracetamol - ask your pharmacist for
details. You may find relief in applying a cold compress if the injection site
remains tender, this may ease discomfort and further reduce any local
Headaches and general achiness. Take it easy, rest and again take some
pain relief to ease the achiness. Make sure you have adequate fluid intake to
keep well hydrated. Keep the room well ventilated, warm but airy. Take the
same action as you would normally with any headache you have previously
Fever and feeling unwell. Again keep yourself well hydrated and nourished.
Rest and take some paracetamol if well tolerated. Keep the room well
ventilated. These symptoms should not persist beyond a day or two at the
For further advice contact your pharmacist at :
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